The identity of son of God (1)


Speaker:Ming|Words: Bao er

This theme is going to help us be ourselves freely.

This world has given us lots of pressure, actually many of us attempt to become others, some people say I hope I am like Steve Jobs, etc. Sometimes it’s very pressed to be like others and it is a lie that you have to make a change so that you can be accepted. Because of the lie we entered a journey, but the truth is that God loves me the way I am.

Do you ever think about loving yourself? Loving yourself by the way you are. Jesus, the word became flesh does not only come to this world, we know he loves us. This is a real revelation. God loves the way we are. What is man that You take thought of him, And the son of man that You care for him? (Psalms 8:4) Yet You have made him a little lower than God, And You crown him with glory and majesty!(Psalms 8:5) Glory and majesty in Greek means dignity and worth, what does it talk about? That means, our lives are so valuable that God puts a crown on our heads, but the key of the question is, where is the crown? (Psalms 139:14) I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works, And my soul knows it very well.

So I am a priceless treasure, I am priceless, I am unique, I have God’s image. If you see this revelation from this version, it is going to change your life. This is a problem about your life. Another word, if you do not know your identity in God, you will never stop look for it until you find it.

Many people determine your value according to what you own. It means what things you have. God wants us to accept ourselves according to who we are, but the world teaches us what we have will influence who we are. We are taught by media. If you see a movie star on TV, you like his clothes very much, then you bought one home, but you are not satisfied with it. Why? It does not look the same when it’s on you. Why you are not satisfied? What is your expectation? Actually you expect one thing if I bought this thing, I will look the same like the movie star, but you are really buying an identity. I will become what I have. This is why we can see BMW, LV......

Today I encourage you to accept the way you are. God loves it when you are completely yourself. You should know that you are made in your image. That means you are unique in this world. I am made fearfully and wonderfully, I am unique and I am a priceless treasure. If you are not you, you are robbing and stealing the image that God placed in you. Why? Because no one can ever live your life, so don’t try to change yourself to be someone else.

Often the tragedy of life is that we want to copy ourselves to be someone else, have you ever seen someone copy themselves as a barbie doll? This is why it is so popular to copy ourselves as someone else on the internet, sometimes we live very hard. In magazines, we say our identities are determined by our appearance. It is a good cognition When you are 20 years old, because you are young. When you are getting older, your cognition is about to collapse. So a lot of people say I have a crisis when I get into my middle and old age, why? Because they suddenly realize they are not as young as before. Are they still the same person? Yes. This is why many people spend lots of money on face-lifting, because they are buying an identity, when i am looking good, all people will love me and accept me.

Have anyone read a book called 〈The 12 generals of the kingdom of God〉? If we want ourselves to be like them, we will have no time to live like ourselves in this life, I could not live the identity that God wants me to live in revelation, so I suggest you to be yourself for the rest of your life and do not compare yourself with others. I know it is not easy to be yourselves in your lives, it’s really not easy.

I used to protect myself to avoid bad things happen to me, but the result was opposite, such as when I was young I used to roll down the stairs. I was hit by a volley ball more than twice, when I passed by a school, once there is a pot of water from the roof to me on my head, the others are all ok, but I caught in a suit precisely. One day I wore a very beautiful clothes, i had a fall in front of everybody because I did not see there is a concave down on the floor.

More than 20 years ago my husband and I went out on a date, he took me to ride his motorcycle, I also want to please him, so I drove his motorcycle straight into the wall, the headlights were all crashed, he was very angry at that time but he didn't dare to blow up. So, he said OK let’s drive a truck instead, because he thought maybe the truck was crash worthy. He drove a truck to have me practice, he went to a big lawn, according to the safe distance of visual how is likely to hit the wall, but there's a pond near the lawn he forgot, the car had a turn I drove it into the pond, so he had to say, ”you go home I will get a tow truck.

So you see these crazy things often happened in my life, but have you seen one thing? Every time I am in trouble, we are all pleasing others rather than being ourselves. Then I realized that I have a motivation is I want to please others, so trouble comes. I don't know why so many things always happen to me. I am also very protective to have these things not happen to me, but I believe angels participated in this to entertain me.

So I believe that God designed all these things to be funny, and I believe that God also thinks it’s funny in these embarrassing situations. We are wonderfully made it.

My mother told me a story, when i was about one years old I was on the kang by myself. Because everybody has their own business to do, so I was left on the kang around with tables for protection. Towards evening, my grandma walked into the door and fainted immediately. The second person was my mom, when she walked into the door, she immediately held the wall and did not dare to move. The third person was my father, when he walked in, he went backward quietly out of the room, what happened?

Originally there was a king cobra climbing in from the window and standing on top of a small table. It is larger than what you have seen with mouth opened and began to spit. I was very small so I was on four feet and drooling. I was still and staring at the snake, the snake was also still and staring at me. That's why my grandma walked in and fainted. My mother said the cobra's big mouth can swallow a baby. Listening to the stories of me from my mom, I felt there are too many crazy things in my life. I believe angels are part of it and God also participated in designing this.

In the sharing of ruling the nations with an Iron Scepter, I can use three days and three nights to share the process of how God led me, because when God called me, I was not obedient and rejected. While God was calling me out, he said to me I am going to be persecuted. It all happened like what I dreamed in my dream. Then sent seven sisters and brothers to tell me, “you are going to establish Omega Ministry.” Then three times during the day God brought me to the throne, I saw Jesus and also saw angels. I saw a big book on the table, so I was raptured above by the spirit of God. The book was a record of everything that happened in the world and every job.

A page in the book is written Omega ministry and the names of the coworkers. What is the content? The first word is the traditional Chinese character. Jesus asked me a question he said how about you do this service? I said no, because I know this service costs price and promise. The second time is written by simplified Chinese characters. The same thing happened I told God I don't want to do this. The third time in English the Lord asked me again, I still answered no. Because my thought was very simple, I don't want myself too hard, it is good to have a peaceful life.

When did I say yes to God? Once i was listening to a teaching during the day, all of a sudden, I saw myself in a chair, suddenly a hand down, I knew this was the rapture, I went to the new Jerusalem, it was photographed in 1990s by Hubble space telescope. It has twelve gates and so on. I saw angels and flowers in the pillars which can breathe and talk. What are angels busy doing? Jesus said they are arranging the places of the saints, the martyrs, the rapture of living people, the vanguards, the bride, the virgins, and they are preparing many places of the saints. Jesus asked me, "Do you want to go inside?" It was a shining sea of glass, and at the end is the throne of the father. So Jesus asked me, would you like to go inside to see heavenly father?

At this moment I suddenly remembered I refused God many times, I said to Jesus I would not go, I want to go back, I promise you to do the service, this is how Omega ministry comes. Why do we call it Omega? Because the time is very short, when the time ends, the ministry is finished. This is the destiny. I said to God, please don't give me too many people because I know the law of the kingdom too well, as long as i take a good care of one or two people as the same reward as God measured you ten thousand people to take care of. If I take care of one or two people I also sit on the throne, they take care of ten thousand people they also may not have a throne. This is my thought. But because of my personality, God is very wise when he hands me some work.

In 2016, God sent me to call on martyrs all over the earth. In 2017, he said that this time you would go to hold a conference. Before I do it God have contacted all the contacts in every locations. Before the trip start, angels already set it up. One of my sisters came to share with me a dream she had. She dreamed many people are dressing up a bride in a place of the desert. When the bride turned around, it was me. Jesus came and called me Ming. I just understand I cannot have my own name when I am outside. I can only glorify the name of God, this is the work of God.

At the conference, the topic God gave me is Ruling the Nations with an Iron Scepter---preparing the Feast of the Overcomers. When I held the conference in Beijing I saw a lot of sisters and brothers, (saw in spiritual eyes) they all rode horses here, carrying iron guns and weapons in. Lions and Eagles followed behind them. They are not ordinary people, later I learned that God has me fight in this regional spiritual battle, I realized I was designed by God.

So you see if God told me this early, I would like Jonah fled to fish belly. That God has a plan to clean up the second heavens to have his throne from the third heavens come down to the ground, so later it talks about woe to the earth and the sea, because Satan has brought his messengers down from heaven to the earth.

The more you believe in the truth, the more free you'll be to live the identity of the children of God. We know that there is a relationship in the bible is very important. That is God is my abba father, Matthew chapter 6 you did not ask your father first already knows, he will never leave you and abandon you, too. The father supplies all our needs, we are the beloved son, we can rely on dad in anytime and everywhere, you don't have to rely on what to eat and what to drink tomorrow, just be like children.

If you said to a kid i will give you an elephant, the kid will be very happy to see if there are any elephant in the garden early in the morning. He won't consider the elephant will produce much waste, how much do you need to buy the elephant? He won't consider. But we often worry about our heavenly father. Receiving a splendid life, starting with learning to do God's children.

Those who have not learned to be sons and daughters first cannot be fathers and mothers, for the identity of a son begins in the flesh, and then into the spiritual. Wherever we go, local leaders expect me to be the type of speaker who can meet their expectations. When you get there, the local church will naturally consider you a spiritual giant, but actually I am also a person, to me it seems I am back home. I know this: My heavenly father is the one who loves me the most, he is the greatest God in the universe. I am proud of him and he is proud of me. I live deep in his heart. It's the core of the universe. His heart is on my every move.

Two typhoons landed after the conference in Shen Zhen. Everyone's planes are grounded. but I know my plane must fly. I told everyone others’ planes can't fly, but my one can. while I'm walking out of the hotel, I said to God the wind and the rain need to stop, the result was a lot of people saw the rain stopped immediately. When we were on the way to the airport, the rain started to rain again. When we arrived at the airport, I said the rain needs to stop right now, the result was the rain stopped. This is you know who you are. You are a child of God.

I have a coworker who was also in this conference in Shenzhen, once she went up to bring my clothes back. She said, "teacher, it was so much rain outside and so many clothes hung up outside, but only your clothes were picked up and just hung up in the room, the other clothes were all wet outside.” So she was happy to say that God loves her so much, she does not need to wash over all the clothes again. I was happy because I think I had God’s favor. Hahaha ......

We need to have faith and certainty that God is my father and he loves me for who I am. When you know this revelation, it will bring you freedom and joy. So you just have to be a little boy and little girl in the kingdom of God.

God wants us to be free and released from those expectations today, Because the belief system of the world is all about finding our identity in what we do. In Chinese culture, identity is measured by the degree of education and intelligence. We need to perform well to be accepted, that is why some people are deranged, even some people commit suicide.

You and I both like to please people with our performance and we even use it to please God in church. If this is the case, you'll feel even more frustrated. God gave birth to you didn't want you to work all the time. Which of you gave birth to a child in order to have an extra worker in the family? No, you give birth to him to enjoy the relationship.

If you were born like a slave, then you see dad not dad, but a stern foreman. This is why some people say that heavenly father cannot love me. Excuse me which parent will announce to break off the relationship between the father and the son because the child does not take out of the trash?

So God wants us to enjoy that father-son relationship, so why would you want to help your parents? Because you are responding to their love for you. You are not doing it for work. You are doing it because you love them. So can we simply enjoy God? Yes, you can. When you grow up slowly, you will have service. You serve for love, but not work. Service flows through your intimate relationship with God. This is healthy. If you want to know your relationship with God through service, you will break down one day.

Let’s look at Jesus. How did the father send Jesus? When Jesus was a baby, the father sent him to be born in the wrong place. In a poor family, Jesus was the first child. Jesus needs to work in his father's shop. Did Jesus know he is the son of God? Did Jesus know his calling and destiny? Yes, he did. But Jesus went back to Nazareth with his parents when he was 12. However, when Jesus was 12 years old, he followed his parents back to Nazareth. Do you remember this story? Jesus spent 30 years under the authority of his parents becoming the son of the earthly body. Is Jesus our model? Yes, when he was 30, he was ready to be put into the father's work.

If we know the model, we know we have to learn to be spiritual children and children of the flesh in this world through suffering. For the first 30 years Jesus was basically in the family business. After thirty years old he was baptized by John the Baptist. Did John the Baptist know that he was not fit to baptize Jesus? Yes, he did. But Jesus remained obedient to the authority of those who were less spiritual than him. This obedience is the son's responsibility because the teachable heart is characteristic of sons. Keep corruption out of him, even if the other party is inferior in knowledge and skills, still willing to receive and learn, because if you are willing to learn, everyone has something to teach you.

Humble obedience is under man. First of all, you should be humble and obey under reasonable authority. If he does not love the brother whom he sees, he cannot love God whom he does not see (1 John 4:20). When Jesus got up from the Jordan, Jesus saw the heavens open and then he said, "I saw the heavens open. And a voice said, this is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased. This is Abba's affirmation to the son’s identity of Jesus. Only after this identity did, then he served, so we often reverse the order. We often seek service first, then looking forward to the fulfillment of what we have done, and to the joy of God at last.

Luke 4:1 and Jesus being filled with the holy spirit returned from Jordan, and the spirit led him into the wilderness, to be tempted by the devil forty days.

What was the enemy trying to test him during these forty days? Identity. If you are the son of God, then jump off the temple. Has the enemy changed the strategy? No, to this day he still attacks us as the son of God? Are you sure you are loved by God? Is your God good and kind? Did God measure that suffering for you? This way Satan puts the ideas of orphans into us for stealing the identity of Son of God. You must first hold fast to your identity to prepare yourself for the ministry and service.

Jesus was tempted three times, rejected the idea of orphans three times, so I want to encourage you on one thing, you and I have callings in this world, we are called to be daughters and sons of God.

The orphan will not inherit the inheritance, but only sons can. An orphan’s heart is controlling, authoritarian. When one's focus is on being a leader or when one's focus is on being spiritual parents of some else. We tend to become authoritarian and controlling. This is the heart of an orphan and then you bring out a group of people who will also be authoritarian and controlling.

It's easy to be a son and a daughter, I will do whatever the father tells me to do. Is Jesus like that? Yes. Seek to do only what the father does, to honor and bless others. When you do things like this, people around you begin to learn how to live their lives as sons and daughters. What you bring down are sons and daughters. When you are a child of God, you are surrounded by children. If the focus of your life is to be a leader, when you focus on these things, you bring out a group of people who want to be big.

Orphans have no inheritance. Jesus devoted himself only to being a son, the father was well pleased with him and release him into service. This is the core identity of the son. We certainly have other identities. For example, we all have different identities at work and at home and these identities are valuable. But there is one thing, when you get to heaven, none of these will work. Because heaven doesn't say I know apostle xx, pastor xx. There is no need for a pastor in heaven, for we have a shepherd. There is no need for apostles in heaven, for we have the greatest apostles. Shall we preach the Gospel in heaven? No, we won’t. So the angels in heaven never look at who you are when they see you, but it's whether you have the identity of Son of God. You come in and you are the sons and daughters of God. In fact, all the prosperity will pass. The kingdom of heaven sees you as the son and daughter of God. This is one of the greatest calls of Christian life. 1John 3:1 Behold what manner of love the Father hatch bestowed upon us, that we should be called children of God; and such we are. For this cause the world knoweth us not, because it knew him not. What are the advantages of being sons and daughters? You can count on dad every day. You can play to depend on him and if you can't do something, you can leave it to him. That is why we can experience so many miracles. You are his daughters and sons. you have the right to use his thousands of slaves. Because you are his daughters and sons and you know you're the one your father loves in the core of the universe.

Prayer: What we really want to live out is what God wants you to live out. So I encourage you to be like Jesus Christ under an open sky. Get up out of the Jordan, there is an open sky in your life and my life. So that a voice said this is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased. So you come to God and know that there is an open sky above you. The light of God will shine from above. Hear if the Lord will say to you, this is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased. I love him. Every time I come to God, he tells me you are the love of my heart. It was a great release. I never thought I am the love of his heart. He engraved me on his hands and arms, so that he could see and think of me when he raised his hand and when he turns around, he remembers me.

Lord, I thank you. Both live and online, Lord you help us to let that identity go. Every man's life has a value and everyone is willing to submit in this final identity, the identity of the son of the most high God. If any of us ever had a false identity. Lord, I give it to you. Give false identities to God and ask God to take away. We are perfect and special in God's eyes, so that we can live out you image.

I am a precious vessel, I have a privilege from God, so that God can work through me. May god's love make me worthwhile. I am priceless. I am made by God. I am the work in his hands. When I discovered that there are some obstacles in our lives that prevent us from coming to heavenly father. God wants to remove these obstacles. He will come to embrace you and make you feel his love, to make you fully feel his love.

This hug will completely change your life, some of you in life remember when someone offended you so much that your door closed, if you don't want the enemy to continue in your life. You let them go, those who don't respect you. You let them go so that the pain, the bad attitudes and the bad behavior can leave you. Thank God for the above prayer in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!