1.2.2 Destiny (II)

1.2.2 命定(二)


Speaker: Ming
Word recording: BeLoved
Composing: Bao

Lord, We give thanks to you. Thank you for planning different journeys in our lives. Thank you for walking with us in our journeys. Thank you for guiding us at the back like a coach until we win. Thank you. You have taught us and helped us since we were in our mothers' wombs through eternity. Lord, we thank you. Please shine your light today so that your words stand in heaven. When your words are spoken, wonderful work is done in the deepest of our hearts, laying aside everything that beset us. So that we can truly enter what you have prepared for us in our lives at the end times.

I pray that you anoint me, anoint the mouth of your child. So what I say comes from you. Anoint the brothers and sisters here. I bless the little children in the name of Jesus Christ. Lord, we extend our holy hands to bless the children: May the Lord send angels to be with them and the Spirit of God be with them. So that during our sharing, they get uplifted and helped and their spirits enter into your rest. O God, teach them with your fingers. Although they are little, O Lord, we see you ordain strength out of the mouths of babies and sucklings. O Lord, thank you and praise you! Bless the teachers and these children! In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Our theme today is “Destiny”. How do we enter destiny?  In my prayer, I said that destiny is not only at personal level, but also at group level, family level, also at city, nation and kingdom level. Destiny is not simple. God is leading each of us with specific plans. The process of our life is process of leaving death to enter into eternal life. In the whole process, the eternal God plan everything behind the scene and He helps us. So that we do the very thing in our whole lives, that is to be victorious! To be victorious! He doesn't just let you have salvation, he wants you to be victorious!

Destiny has two meanings. The first meaning is God's orders, commands, and instructions, that is, God has spoken. Psalm 71: 3 Be my strong refuge, To which I may resort continually; You have given the commandment to save me, For You are my rock and my fortress.

The second meaning is God's plan, blueprint, and purpose for our lives.

Genesis 41:32 The reason the dream was given to Pharaoh in two forms is that the matter has been firmly decided by God, and God will do it soon.

It is saying that it is God's will. This journey begins in ones mother's womb and continues into eternity.

The destiny of each person is the purpose and will that God wants to accomplish in you.

Psalm 139: 13 For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.

God has already know me when I was in our mother’s womb, because He made me. we were connected with Him even when we were in mother’s womb. Therefore, God knows clearly the plans, blueprints, and goals of our lives.

It is a process to achieving the goal and plan. So our lives are not just about our own dreams, but about what God wants to accomplish in you. We often say: How could we be created above the Creator? We are created. How can we be created to compete with the Creator? No, we can’t. But you can give it a try. I have tried it myself. Every time I was beaten back, not pulled back, but beaten back. Destiny is not about dreams, but about God's purpose in me.

Is it important to find your destiny? Very important! In previous lesson, we analyzed the importance of destiny. The key is faith. “To hit the centre of target!” If we can not hit the centre of target, we cannot say that we are loyal. Without knowing what God's will is for us, we cannot be faithful! Without being faithful, there is no victory to talk about! Without victory, there is no destiny of bride. Therefore, it is very important to understand destiny, otherwise we would be doing things with our eyes closed most of the time.

Destiny is not only of individuals but also of families. Many people will say that they haven't figured out their own destiny, let alone the destiny of their family. Destiny is of individuals, of families,  of groups, of cities, of nations, and of kingdom. Although these are at different levels, they cannot be separated, but must be linked and closely connected.

Throughout the Bible, God established covenant relationships with people through seven covenants. Through these seven covenants, God brings people into the destiny of individuals, families, groups, and kingdom. From Adam to Noah, Abraham, Moses, Joshua, David to Jesus, the covenant of God developed from Abraham as his elect to the nation of Israel, and then a new covenant was made with all humanity. Seven is a complete number. It has turned out that God has connected the destiny of individuals with destiny of the families, then connected with destiny of nations, the cities, and the kingdom. God said that he was the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. In fact, he was talking about the fact that this bloodline gave birth to the Jewish people, that is, God's chosen people.

Today, I will mainly talk about personal destiny. I will mention a little bit about national destiny and group destiny. The destiny of a nation is the purpose of God to create certain nation and the guidance to the nation’s future: what is the heavenly plan for this nation? What is God's will in this nation? It turns out that every nation has the will of God and the destiny of God.

Do you know that the destiny of England is in the scriptures. Jeremiah 50:12 : Your mother Babylon is extremely ashamed, she who gave you birth will be disgraced. She will be the least of the nations — a wilderness, a dry land, a desert.

What is this talking about? In Jeremiah’s time, Britain was yet mentioned as a country, but Britain had not yet been born at that time, but her ending was already mentioned at that time, and Britain would be listed at the end of the countries.

Is Britain getting weaker and weaker? This is the will in the Bible for her. What about the United States?

Isaiah 18: 2 which sends envoys by sea in papyrus boats over the water. The prophet said: "Go, swift messengers, to a people tall and smooth-skinned, to a people feared far and wide, an aggressive nation of strange speech, whose land is divided by rivers." Book of Revelation mentioned it is the great city of the kings of the earth.

Revelation 16:19 The great city split into three parts, and the cities of the nations collapsed. God remembered Babylon the Great and gave her the cup filled with the wine of the fury of his wrath.

It would be at the Mississippi River in St. Louis State where the city spilit.  This is God's ordination for every nation’s destiny.

So if you are concerned about China, you can go back and read the Bible. If you are concerned about Canada, you can go home and read the Bible. All nations have their destiny in the Bible. It turns out that God has His will for all nations, and it will not change. It will not change unless there are repentance from the king to all people with sackcloth and ashes like the city of Nineveh. So every nation has its destiny.

There are also destinies for the groups. For example, the nation of Israel, Abraham's covenant brought out the destiny for the entire nation of Israel.

For destiny, it has a feature. Isaiah 55:11 so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose( “purpose” also as "destiny") for which I sent it. Destiny can be called promise to people. The three levels of nation, group and individual are interrelated.

God has always been looking for candidates to fulfill His wills, so that our generations can fulfill His promises. So we have to understand what God is going to do before we understand what we are going to do.

In Moses' time, more than one person must have been called to fulfill God’s promise to lead Israel out of Egypt; Jesus ’mother, Mary, was called to conceive and birth a child (Giving birth without being married would be stoned to death). Then everyone think about it: If Mary had refused the angel's message, would God find a second Mary to replace her? Absolutely! Therefore, we must not lose our part of the extremely glorious and precious destiny given us by God.

If you do not respond to your calling, and someone else will replace you at any time. If God the Father has revealed you with visions and dreams that you are destined to be the bride of Jesus, is it possible that you might lose your destiny while walking this way? When you fail to pass the trials, you may lose this destiny. Just like the older generation of Israelis who were unable to enter Canaan, even though they experienced many miracles, they experienced ten plagues, crossed the Red Sea, drank from the spiritual rock, 70 elders experienced the blessing of the Holy Spirit. They saw God appearing in Horeb, they experienced the presence of God. But did they entered their destiny? They didn't, they died in the wilderness.

Katherine Kuhlman was not the first person called by God for North American Revival. God told her that she was the third candidate, but she responded to the call. Rev. John Mu led the revival of Uganda, but he was not the first to be called by God. Before him, two had been called by God. So 10 years later, when he shared this vision with his predecessors, At that time, the two apostles were ashamed, and they lost the calling. God is not lack of people. Do not think that God is lack of people. God really does not lack people. When more and more excellent people influx into our ministry, I am sure that God does not lack people.

Secondly, in the process of walking in heavenly destiny, testing and trials are inevitable. So don't say that how could I still have so many troubles while entered into destiny? This is very normal! If you are not in trouble, it is abnormal! Joseph's elder brothers were jealous of him, he cast him into the pit, sold him, became a slave, and finally went to jail. He experienced countless trials, tests and even lost, and finally became the prime minister and entered destiny.

God called Abram to leave his father ’s home and go to a place where God instructed him. Finally, they went to the land of Canaan. When Abram was 99 years old, God promised Abram, "he whole land of Canaan, where you now reside as a foreigner, I will give as an everlasting possession to you and your descendants after you; and I will be their God. "(Gen. 17: 8) It turned out that the entire land of Canaan was given by God to Abraham and his descendants. Later when a famine occurred in Israel, Joseph appeared and saved the lives of the entire family in a crucial place. This was the covenant that God made with Abraham, which was never abandoned.

When Joseph and his brothers talked about why he came to Egypt first, he said, "And now, do not be distressed and do not be angry with yourselves for selling me here, because it was to save lives that God sent me ahead of you. "(Gen 45: 5). So we see that God has been searching for someone who conforms to His mind and understands His will. God is not in shortage of people. The amount who get salvation is only one third of the population, and very few people actually prevail and enter destiny.

Thirdly, if someone fails the tests and trials, the promises made to individuals and families will not be fulfilled.  Truly, you have to pass certain trials! Some people have dreams that they always fail the exam. Why? Because in your life, you have failed some tests and now you have to go through them again.

After Abraham passed the test of offering Isaac, The Lord said, "I swear by myself, because you have done this and have not withheld your son, your only son, I will surely bless you and make your descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky and as the sand on the seashore. Your descendants will take possession of the cities of their enemies, and through your offspring all nations on earth will be blessed, because you have obeyed me."(Gen 22: 16-18). What would happen if Abraham did not pass the test of offering his only begotten Son to God? So today ’s topic is very challenging.

Fourthly, God's personal promise to you requires you to obey in order to fulfill that heavenly destiny. Similarly, God's promise to Abraham must be obeyed by Abraham, then the heavenly promise can be fulfilled.

Abraham suffered many setbacks, even had hard times to have a child. His wife Sarah got a son when she was 98 years old passed childbearing age. Generally, we don’t want to have a child at that old age. But it was because of Abraham's faith and obedience, that all mankind were blessed by the achieved promise.

The destiny of an individual is connected to the destiny of the family, the group, and the kingdom. There are unconditional and conditional destiny in God's destiny. Of the seven covenants mentioned earlier, only the covenant of Moses is conditional. If you fully obey the Lord your God and carefully follow all his commands. If you do not obey all his commands and decrees, you will be cursed (Deuteronomy 28).

Except Moses covenant, the rest six covenants were all unconditional. It is unconditional because these covenants are related to the destiny of mankind and the entire Kingdom.

That means that personal prophecies, visions and dreams are not unconditional.

Don't say that I had a dream, God will achieve it. No, not necessarily. Don't say that someone has given you a prophecy, someone has verified it for you and you have also had dream of it, then it should come true. No, not necessarily! Because personal destiny is conditional. When we deviate from God and do not hit the bulls-eye, that is, when we are not operating under faith, you will not enter your destiny.

There is no real faithfulness without entering destiny. The book of Revelation speaks of being called, chosen, faithful, and overcoming. The work without faithfulness is made of wood, hay and stubble. Destiny is related to rewards. Destiny is not for salvation. Salvation comes in vain. You don't have to pay.

Therefore we know at least one thing: not everyone will enter into the destiny God has prepared for him. Alsonot everyone who step into his destiny will at last accomplish what God wants him to do on the earth. That is, not everyone can reach the end and get the reward.

Fifthly, the alliance with the enemy. Of the three connected levels of individual, family and group, you need to know whether at some level of your life you have enter to covenant with the enemy, or have your generational ancestors ever been in agreement with the enemy? We know that covenant with the enemy will lead to the failure of that area that should have been blessed.

If your ancestors once made an alliance with an enemy and you do not know how to solve it with godly principles, that alliance will lead to the failure of your family's destiny to be achieved. God created us to reflect His glory. Once we enter that destiny, God's glory will naturally reflect through us.

In the kingdom of God there is only black and white and no grey area. Therefore, the lack of glory indicates that there is a curse, which desolates life, and makes promises impossible to fulfill. Therefore it is necessary to solve the problem. We need to understand that God's destiny for us is to be connected with our ancestors for generations. Some people say why we are so painful, but it is not your problem, it is your ancestor's problem that you have not dealt with yet. We should all have a life that conforms to God ’s will, so if you want God to take you into the destiny he wants you to enter, you can do something because God has a destiny and a plan for everyone.

Regarding covenant, marriage is an alliance, for example. Do you know that it is the children who are the victims of a divorce? When a covenant is broken, the enemy will destroy the result of the covenant first, child. If your ancestor has made a covenant with the enemy, the first thing the enemy will touch is the result of the covenant, which is you. So if we want to fulfill and restore our family’s destiny, we have to stand up from where our ancestors fell. In the past generations, our family members have not overcome the enemy ’s barriers. You have to overcome it! Some families fall into financial poverty. This is the consequence of a curse. If you want to rise and re-enter to the covenant with God, you need to  change!

What are the signs of entering destiny? One of the biggest signs is that you will encounter the pillars of cloud and the pillars of fire. That is, God's guidance. You will get assurance, you will experiense transformation. Your destiny is also related to spiritual authority. Only by entering destiny I can say that I can get the spiritual authority in that area. If you have not entered the destiny, how can you get the spiritual authority in that area?

Where does destiny come from? How do I know what my destiny is? In fact, as mentioned in the previous sharing, there are four W’s. The first W is the most important: Where. Individuals and group are connected, and group and nation are connected. Which team do I serve? Which group do I belong? Which team does God give me at the moment? When you enter a group, their vision becomes your vision, so you don't have to look for it everywhere. So why are there so many spiritual orphans, because they can't find where they are going. They don’t have a spiritual home. When I found my group, my destiny was here, so I let go of everything. Now here came faithfulness. I have talked about the other three W’s last time and I won’t talk about them here.

You can understand what your destiny is through several ways of hearing God’s voice. By hearing God’s voice to know your destiny means the destiny comes from heaven but not from yourself.

The first is to understand God's will through intercession. When you are aligned with God's heart, your destiny will be unfolded automatically. God will unfold His plan to you, and you will understand what your heavenly plan is. So brethren and sisters, Don't live without understanding, you must know what territory God has measured for you. That is “Where”, which church, which ministry, and which country.

The second is prophecy. How did Daniel know that the 70 years of desolation in their time were full? Dan 9: 2: in the first year of his reign, I, Daniel, understood from the Scriptures, according to the word of the Lord given to Jeremiah the prophet, that the desolation of Jerusalem would last seventy years.

Through Jeremiah, through a book written by previous ancestors and prophets, Daniel understood that the people of Israel had a destiny to escape from the desolation and begin to recover. If the destiny had not been understood, the people of Israel in that era would not have been awakened. Prophecy is to reveal the will of God through the revelation and visions of prophets. Therefore, prophecy is a way to understand God's will.

The third is through dreams and visions. Dreams will open the door of heaven, because dreams do not come from you, but from heaven. I remember clearly the reason why this ministry was set up was because of a vision that came at night: I was taken to the throne of Christ at night, and there was a large table in front of him with a copy a very tall book, I couldn’t see the top of that book, then my spirit was lifted up, and I saw the pages of the book. I saw Omega Ministry, names of co-workers, and the contents to be achieved. This came from visions.

Thanks be to God. God is wonderful at His work. God Himself moved people to join. This is what started with a vision. What we really experience in our hearts is not the same as what we know in our heads. For instance, I knew that Jesus Christ once fed 5,000 people with five loaves and two fishes. I used to think it was wonderful. I have heard many testimonies of food multiplication. I was envious.

When we met on June 8 this year, after our church shared and listened to God ’s voice, we experienced a lot of pouring out of the Holy Spirit on the venue. Many people mentioned being lifted to heaven and seeing open visions. After people left, there were more than a dozen co-workers staying. We watched in silence and surprise, a box of fried noodles, a dozen co-workers kept eating, until the last one ate, the fried noodles were eaten up. We stood there astonished. Some co-workers ate three large plates in a row. We didn’t know where the food came from. This time, I saw the food multiplied by my own eyes, the five loaves and two fish miracle. All were experienced unexpectedly.

The point of that testimony was the increase of faith! Earlier I had been puzzled: When the persecution comes in the future, we enter the city of refuge, we refuse to print the beast seal. But how should we live? We all know that by then if you don’t get the mark of the beast, you won’t even be able to buy food. But I knew that God has a promise to make food from nothing. But I had not experienced it. People will not feel confident because they have not experienced it. Only after I really experienced it, my faith got a huge lift. So I can say with certainty that we don’t have to do anything. God will supply. This is an increase of faith.

Destiny is an idea come from above. Walk into it and you can see miracles. Are there no more dreams and visions for us from heaven? Of course there are. We go back tonight and everyone can receive dreams and visions because they are from God. You can receive it and just take actions accordingly tomorrow. How did Paul justify himself? He said, "So then, King Agrippa, I was not disobedient to the vision from heaven. "(Acts 26:19) means that I have never left the path that God has ordained for me, and I am willing to go on. So do you." I obey that vision from heaven " The words are not only for Paul, but also for all of us. This is a truth for all children of God. So one day, when you stand before the king, you can say that I have obeyed the vision which come from heaven.

The fourth is words of revelation. The revelatory words about your own destiny can help you understand that there are 4 Ws. Today, I won’t talk about where, what, who, and when. What is the territory God gives you? Which church, which ministry? What is your education, what is your profession? Who are around you? who is your spiritual parents, brothers, and sisters? And so on. So when can you enter destiny? It's when you encounter the pillars of cloud and pillars of fire.


What We Should Pay Attention to When Entering Destiny

First, God only reveals what we need to know. God ’s destiny was fulfilled at a specific time and place. 2Ki 4:27 : The man of God said, “Leave her alone! She is in bitter distress, but the Lord has hidden it from me and has not told me why.” Although Elisha was a great prophet, this was still the case, that God concealed him, did not tell him. God hides mysteries that God does not want us to know from the person who prophesies.

Prophecy is to let you have a way and trust him. The rest will be slowly open to you and you will be given step by step instructions. Just like when God asked Abraham to get out of Ur, he didn't tell him what would happen and where to go. Step by step, phase by phase, until after Issaac was offered, God revealed his covenant to Abraham.

The same process to our ministry when we received the entrustment of ruling with iron rods over all nations. We didn’t know that God was going to do this at first. When I entered Shenyang in 2017, I was ignorant. It felt like I was being pushed in. It wasn’t until the second stop when we entered Beijing that God ’s will was revealed. God knew My weakness. If I knew the plan earlier, I would have run away. Till I knew the plan of God, I was able to escape even I wanted to.

Because I had already fought a battle in Shenyang, I had offended the spirits to be offended in spiritual world. When I arrived in Beijing, I was struggling. I was thinking about whether to continue. because it was a war against Kowloon, great power of darkness. At that time, I considered myself was not a brave person, but a person who liked to hide. But when I wanted to step back, I knew that the enemy would chase wildly. I knew that there was no way to turn back but continue to move forward.

Similarly, God ’s plan for you is not given to you at once up to the ending. It opens up to you step by step so that you can rely on him all the time, so God is the God of Jehovah Jireh. Jireh means God has prepared what we cannot see. This is a great truth.

Secondly, every prophecy is not complete. What he has revealed is to let you focus on now and on what you are doing. When you seek your destiny, you have to focus on the part that God is currently revealing to you.

Prophecy to individuals is conditional, just like the prophecy virgin Mary received from the angel. How blessed one is to be chosen. Total obedience to the Holy Spirit is an uncompromising element for you to achieve your destiny. God Himself will accomplish some prophecy when it is about the kingdom. But it is not necessarily the case for prophecy to individuals.

Thirdly, it is important to know God’s season and not to deviate from God’s timing.


One situation is that we are very enthusiastic and serve without being called. Then they find their serving is not effective. It is like giving birth to a premature baby. There are many weaknesses, complications, defects and more care. The other situation is just the opposite. It is delayed:  You have received a prophecy and you have confirmed it. You are in prayers but no actions. It has been confirmed many times. But there is fear inside afraid to step out. But once time and season are missed, visions or prophecies will not be fulfilled. So destiny can be stolen! Therefore, we must be keen on God's training so that our destiny can bear fruit. Once you obey, God will surely give you the power to recapture your inheritance that were plundered by the enemy, and give you back double!

Consequences of Missing Destiny:

1. Enter into the wilderness, plundered by the enemy. It turns out to be so miserable missing destiny. Just as Israel was in the wilderness for 40 years, the first generation did not enter the Promised Land, and Israel also had a 70-year desolate captivity period.

2. Having entered destiny, but pass away without fulfilling it. Samson was chosen by God and ordained that he would rescue the Israelites from the hands of his enemies. However, after a love affair with Delilah, he abandoned the covenant God had made.

Each of us has also made a covenant with God. When accepting Jesus, being baptized, receiving bread and cup, we are making covenant with God. God has an agreement in each of our lives. He understands what he wants you to do. Samson died before he fulfilled his destiny. So was Judas who betrayed Jesus. Saul lost his destiny as a king while David fulfilled his destiny even though he made mistakes.

What is God looking for? He is looking for someone who fulfills his promise. Our weakness will not defeat us if we are willing to repent. Although David was weak but he was willing to repent. He fulfilled his destiny.

3. Loosing authority granted by God and replaced by others. Elijah was replaced by Elisha and two other people before he ascended to heaven because he fled when Jezebel wanted to kill him. When I wanted to escape in Beijing, I didn’t dare to. I thought of Elijah, When Elijah was taken away by God, someone else immediately replaced him.

In reality, we have also seen such people. when missing his destiny, he has not only been replaced, but also has come to death. I have shared with you before. In Jesus' time, countless people saw his miracles, 5,000 people ate multiflied bread and fish. There were 500 people with him when Jesus ascended to heaven. There were only 120 people Mark House waiting for the promised Holy Spirit. These 120 people turned the whole generation around.

Ming’s Prayer:

If a lot of original blessings have missed out in your family, or the blessings you should have have not fallen on you, you need to decern them and stand in your family's position to repent. Let’s come to God and ask a question: God, what do you want to accomplish in my family through me? What can I do for my family? Why do you put me in such a family? What is your heart for me? What is my role in this? Am I conduit, an intercessor or the one to bring gospel? Or am I to support my family financially? Heavenly Father, you must have designed a position and role for me in my family.

In my family, what were originally destined to fall on me and I have  lost it? Was there any covenant with the enemies in this family? What is the covenant? Thank you, Holy Spirit. Anointing us and laying down your hands on every brother and sister, including brothers and sisters online from all over the world. May Holy Spirit be  poured out on them and open them up. Your word, your vision and your Feelings be on them, so that they can see your acts in the intricate family relationship. So that we can see in this intricate family relationships, what is the alliance between our family and the enemy. Please speak to our brothers and sisters now.

Please let them see what is the covenant behind the various diseases from the family, the strange life patterns and behavior patterns owned by the crowd? What similar powers are constantly wandering through the family. Because of that covenant, the blessing I should have received has lost. For a place that lacks the glory of God brings curses and desolation of life. God, please, reveal us what covenant it is.

Thank you God. Today please gave me the abundance, which you would have given to our families but it has never achieved. We did not get it. We come to you today and acknowledge the desolation of life in our family. The desolation has delayed the promise of God in our lives.

Lord, we stand before you now, stand for our families, both father side and mother side, and acknowledge that the promises that should have been fulfilled have failed because of the alliance between their ancestors and enemies. Lord, help us today to know the truth, so that we can truly stand in the position of family to declare: From today on, I have authority from God, I can stand in my family’s position to represent them to confess to God, that what has allied with the enemy has offended God. Lord, please break and cut it down.

We come to you on our behalf our ancestors to repent. They didn't know you, they allied with the enemy, so that the blessing could not flow down. Lord, I stand on the gap of my family to confess this reality. God, please break the influence of these curses, break the influence of the consequence brought by the alliance, break! Thank you Jesus, thank you Lord.

Please open the storehouse in heaven now. Connect with us in this area. May our connection reach directly to your throne without hindrance. The destiny of the family stolen by the enemy be restored in my generation. God's promise be fulfilled. The destiny of the family be fulfilled! Be fulfilled through me.

God, reveal to us. What position and estate do we stand in the family? Please tell us. Am I the intercessor? The gospel presenter? The conduit? Or to bring financial blessings? Or a peace maker and bridge builder? God, there is always a place you have given me in my family. Please let me understand. Therefore my family can enter that promise and destiny through me.

People both on site and online who have uncomfortable places on your bodies. I ask you to lay your hands on your bodies. I believe God is here to heal us. You don’t need others to lay hands on you because the Spirit of God will anoint you.

Thank you Lord, glorious God. We invite you to come among us. Lay your hands on our brothers and sisters on line and on site. Now In the authority given me by Jesus Christ, I command all the oppression of enemies on my brothers and sisters to leave right now! Hallelujah, leave immediately, may your peace fall from heaven, and your healing anointing fall from heaven. Lord, we thank you and praise you. We have seen the wonderful work you have done for our brothers and sisters. We have seen the season with our own eyes. Lord, come and heal your children, heal your children, and lay your hands on them. In Jesus Christ's name, I command the oppression of those families to leave! Hallelujah. Set us free in you, all discouragement and frustrations to leave! The previous stress to leave! Hallelujah.

Holy Spirit, your anointing is among us. Continue to anoint each of us. God your words are done when it comes out. Lord, your words are powerful. When you speak, all disappointment will leave. When you speak, healing will happen, because of the grace you have accomplished on the cross. Lord, we thank and praise you! Let's learn to withdraw the grace. Thank you, glorious King. I see the cloud is getting thicker and thicker. Lord, thank you for your healing. Thank you, Holy Spirit.

I see light of rainbow light coming in. I believe that God will give us spiritual gifts at this time. Let us open our hands to receive. Of course, we have to understand: you receive the gifts and at the same time the responsibilities. Don’t forget responsibilities. Don’t just receive gifts. When gifts come to your life, the responsibilities come as well.

I see lights beyond the seven colors keep coming in. In the authority given by Jesus Christ, according to God your own will, impart your gifts. They will experience increase. Lord, raise my brethren and sisters, because of their desire inside their hearts. They are full of passion and love for you. They are the group willing to pay the price, and the group willing to walk in the commands of God.

Thank you, Lord. Pour out the gifts now and give them freely. I see gifts of healing, gift of prophecy, gift of working of miracles, the gift of preaching, the gift of words, prophetic gifts. Lord, impart to them according to your portion and according to what they need.

Down come the power of fire, the power of great might. Thank you, Lord. This is a wonderful encounter. You accomplish things among your own children. After you leave, you will find that a certain part of your life has been lifted. A sister testified that she had received the gift of healing after the last battle in Vancouver. Now she can serve others and her life has been greatly improved. Lord, thank you. Because today you release this anointing oil. I also see the gift of wisdom. Thank you Lord, give your children the power of healing and casting out demons, and power to overcome all enemies. Hallelujah!

Lord, thank you. Thank you for letting us today regain the right we should have had. So that we can show your glory in our family and witness your acts. Reveal us your wills, personal, family’s and regional ones. Thank God. I see different anointings entering different people's lives.

In Jesus name we pray. Amen!