3.2.3 The Heart of the Martyr

3.2.3 殉道者的心志

Now that some of the world's most famous teams have come to share some of the experiences of Chapter 12 of Apocalypse, including what Neville Johnson shared and what Mike Bickle shared, we find that God is doing the same thing in the last world by calling on brothers and sisters to understand some of the contents of Chapter 12 of Apocalypse. I see God doing something very important to make us understand that we have entered a new season and a new phase from this stage so that we can know what it is like to be alive at the moment.

In this article, which Mike Bickle wrote, he mentioned that God had given him a strange dream one night. We all know that Mike Bickle is a teacher, and I believe that he is now beginning to ascend to the status of an apostle. He is very strict in explaining the scriptures, and rarely dreams differently, in fact, this is the case. God used to give him a man called Bob Jones, a great prophet who had passed away, and made this IHOP, the many lords of this international prayer temple. Because when God wants to rise a service, he must measure the five major duties in the various functions of the people into this service group, so that can bring different functions of the matching and coordination. And in this sharing, God begins to tell him one thing, and I'm just saying it briefly, because you'll see this dream later. 

At first, he said, he saw a service for tens of thousands of people, he was a talker, and on this service occasion he invited a lot of sectarian people, and he said that there were about fifty to a hundred symists, with different leaders, among them. He could recognize a man called Bill Johnson, Bill Johnson, and he said that it might be a pre-table, no matter what, if it were a pre-table or if there was either such a person, who must represent the revelation of the present prophetic nature, or a representative of this powerful leader of God at present. He said he also saw Bu Yongkang, who we also knew was a very well-known sereren in Africa, and that Joanna, who was among the leaders who had been at the forefront of the Holy Ghost movement. So what are they doing? He says they argue in harmony with each other or are called friendly discussions, because everyone has a lot of knowledge of the Bible, and of course they are too good. He spoke of the fact that these debates between them were a very beautiful picture that made people feel that there was no negative emotional transmission. Here are calm sober, but also very knowledgeable, very enjoyable exchanges, very interesting exchanges. But one thing, in that strange dream of his spirit has a little alert, he found that every point of view is very harmonious, very calm, very clear and sober, but the lack of a strong leader, or called the leader of faith, or called the transmission of this knowledge of the leadership. Of course we know that these leaders are in fact with God's great ability, but in this strange dream, their speech, from God's point of view, rather than from their point of view, I believe that we will all be very honored of these people, I think they are very divinely able, but in this dream from God's point of view, but it is only a kind of enjoyable difference, enjoy a kind of intellectual transmission, but not from God's temperament. Of course we may not see it the same way, but that's God's idea. So God's idea of passing it through this Bimay, which is not the point, he said, at the end of the day, when something happened, when they were sharing some very capable scriptures, he said that all of a sudden there were so many great sectarian leaders gathered, and there were so many powerful worshippers, and we all knew that the International Prayer Hall was a globally inspiring altar centered on twenty-four hours of worship. He said that Chapter 12 of Apocalypse suddenly appeared. He said he saw the achievement of 8th 12th chapter of Revelation, which is the achievement of so many people, so what does this achievement bring? He said that these demons these big snakes, 9th thm. is the ancient dragon devil Satan and its angels, the scale of billions suddenly appeared, is the huge snake, including their 40,000 people gathered in the field, the whole city, everyone can see one thing, is suddenly Revelation 12 after the seventh section of the achievement. Is the big snake from the sky down, of course, he may be a metaphor, but his dream inside said that these big snakes are very large, some as big as the American football field, the size of fifty feet thick, and that building so big, suddenly from the sky came angry to come to the venue. He said the pythons had dragon-like heads, half a room in size, and everyone present, including Bimaco himself, was frightened because they had just finished praying and were about to stand up, but suddenly the seventh d'admosity of Chapter 12 had been achieved in front of everyone. Then he said that everyone, including himself, had only one reaction: to run for their lives. And it was hysterical panic, frightening everyone, and no one calmed down, picked up the microphone and said, We're starting to pray now, we're starting to bundle these demons, and then we're expelling them from this square, no. All the famous leaders of the syndicate, including all the believers below, fled in a panic, and no one used the power given by Jesus to denounce the bundling of these things, because these snakes were so cruel and horrible that the snakes fell into the hall and bit them desperately, and then the leaders and believers fled around, fleeing the venue and leaving the park, presumably to say that the venue seemed to be in the park. Then when Bimay could escape to the park boundary, he met the police, who stopped him and told him, 'If you dare run away I'll throw you in jail, so the only option you have now is to go back to the venue, and if you don't, we'll put you in jail.' So Bimmaco woke up in that nervous fear of fear.

And through the one thing he said, I found that the Holy Ghost was revealing something that the whole earth had to face. His share was actually a warning, and of course he posted it to the world, sharing it as much as he could through some of the media systems he knew. In fact, he shared these ideas in which he also mentioned some of the key points, that is, we did not have confidence. He spoke of the reaction we had in this case to the reaction of the brothers and sisters, to the church's response at a time of greatest crisis and distress. So when I read his share, for my lord, I was thinking that apart from being a warning, he was actually telling the Church that we can't just have knowledge of the Bible, in addition to the faith we need from God, but also about what we need to prepare for. Because when a crisis arises, the time to test people comes. But if a person in the ordinary course of life in the process of no preparation, to the critical moment, to martyrdom or to the very difficult time, he is impossible to make a godly response. Sometimes we have the idea that I just need to understand a lot of knowledge and theory, or we understand a lot of truth, I believe I can have this preparation in a critical moment, but in fact not. Especially when it comes to one thing, when it comes to Chapter 12 of Revelation, because Chapters 11 and 13 are basically parallel, covering seven years of history, especially Chapters 11 and 12, covering the entire seven-year history, that chapter 11 mentions that before the two witnesses came out, three and a half years ago God was going to call this temple and the city of the exodes in Jerusalem, meaning that God was going to start in the church of the whole land. Some of his most precious and honorable children were chosen from his church.

Then he mentioned that there was one thing the Saints had to prepare for at the end, that is, that the dark power would come to the ground in anger. So who's the only one who can face them when they come to the ground? Revelation 12, 11th, he said that the brother was better than he was with the blood of the lamb and the Way he had witnessed, and he later mentioned in particular that they did not cherish their lives even when they died. This is an important thing, and God reminds us at this end that we must be prepared to a point where you cannot cherish your own life. In Bimmaco's dream, I believe that those leaders are very talented, and they must know the Bible very well, and they must have talked about many of the truths in the Bible, a lot of testimony. But there is a point, he said that you do not cherish life, this is we should be prepared to face in the days to come. When we mentioned this, I knew that at first it was very difficult for many of our brothers and sisters, but he was picking up all the clans of this, the saints in the Book of Revelation. These saints are able to give up their lives for Christ, including their lives. If our preparation does not reach such a level, we cannot face the future. When there is a real confrontation with the antichrist Christ or against the king of this world, you cannot confront them because you must confront them through the blood of Christ and your own testimony, what is the testimony, that is, you do not cherish the testimony of life. If assuming that everyone in the meeting understood that I was dead, and that I was prepared to give my life, I would not be afraid of the pythons, and would have the courage to tie them up, because we were not prepared to that extent. We're just preparing our knowledge, or we understand it, and we understand what's in the Bible. Many of us stay in this degree, even say that I have great enough, I can also cure the ghost, I can solve a lot of problems in life, we often stay in that place, we end up here. But through these forestors or prophets, these cloud-like testimonies left behind by these saints, we see that God wanted his utensils to a certain extent, that is, the words of Chapter 12 of Revelation 11 are as far as death is about death, and we do not cherish life.

So when we first started working, we started talking about who the ministry called. Pioneers, winners, but I stress in particular that we also call martyrs. I believe that these are a big shock to us, but that is our trust, is God's trust to us in the post-late era, because Chapter 11 and Chapter 12 must be parallel. God's will is more important than our individual thoughts, and the nation will be complete only when the collectives come together and then point together to God's will. In his entire long history of humanity, we all see that what he sees is the emergence of these different characters he has choreographed over the course of history, all in order to become the will of the Father. The father's will is not just for one person, or for some individual, he is directed against an entire group, that is, an entire nation. The country is composed of individuals collectively, the collective re-combination into a country, he is ultimately to become a whole country. That's why the last time we mentioned life,we'll talk about one thing: when you go into a collective, that collective vision actually becomes your vision, because collective vision is the focus of the alignment nation. When you are in a vision like this, you are in fact in a covered inside God, in this flow of his life and entrustment. When you are in this water, he will naturally bless you, for he will be his own heart. Then when you deviate from this current, you can't pour such a big blessing down, because you can't align God's focus with this group when you deviate from this will. Because each group has a god in the whole land, this part is valuable, because each part is combined as a will of the whole post-God nation. So every serving is precious and extremely honorable. This requires us all to tell where the part of God gives me is, so that I can hold on to this one to the end.

For example, the Bible speaks of the twelve syndicated factions of the Old Testast, the twelve syndicated factions in which God divided the people of Israel. When I saw god giving me a light, I was thinking, why should there be different factions? There are but the factions have Judas factions favorable not to have the Saga faction, I see these factions, suddenly the Holy Ghost gave me a light, and then I understand that the reason for the division of so many factions, in addition to the leaders are different, he has a focus is God's trust and the amount of the different points, each faction's function is not the same. So much so that these twelve factions, together, were able to form God's heart for the Israelites in the Old Prody. The focus and focus of each faction is different. I thought of another question, assuming that I was from the Saga sect, and that God gave me the gift of taking many prescients, taking many prophecies of the future, and then being able to have a vision in all these things; So suppose that now the Sagas slip into the Les Liga and have to be the priests of the Old Testast, then I'm sorry, God won't let you do that, for what reason? The reason is that god's weight 神 is different, so everyone has to go back to god's weight so that we can make God's will in that place, and then we can align that focus and move forward. That's similar to what we're doing now, and I know that one thing I've mentioned in the International Prayer Movement is that the whole place divides them into different windows, and that window covers them and divides them into twelve factions belonging to israel from the old Treaty, so why do they have such a collar and opening? The reason is that God gives every team, and every part he leads, like the old-age survengs, gives each group a different amount of weight, all for the purpose of being for the future after the end of God. That amount is not the same, his paste will be different from the kind of paste that came down. But we people would like to want more things, want to get more, that is actually good, in the weight of God to get more, you will be better, but we often follow their own ideas to get more, so we began to have such a brother and sister, run around here, here to get some there to get a little bit, it feels like we got a lot, but actually made themselves lose that focus. God wants us to hit the target to hit the focus, including the word bull's-eye, which is to hit the target to hit the focus, but because of this, so that our focus ran away. When we don't have a focus, it's hard to be in the Book of Revelation, in the whole Bible, a call to a new woman, a request, a standard. That standard he mentioned, in addition to you are elected to respond, then he mentioned a key point, is loyalty. Without that goal, it's hard for me to be loyal, it's hard for me to keep going. Because God does not favor people, he will have his right people in every group, in order to become the will of god after the end. The last ministry is called the last after ministry because the time we serve is after the end, not only that, our whole ministry in the sky is also a record book, specifically records the work done after the end, including every work into the ministry Brothers and sisters in the sky, they have a roster in the name, I have seen this book on it many times, that book in addition to the record of many services in the world, in the last few pages of the record of this work. That is God's own work, so God must come to endorsement him, which means that the Holy Ghost is to be his own master, meaning that everything he does, God himself to call people, to move people, and then to choose his own leaders, to choose his brothers and sisters, we have been so come, until now. So there are even regional leaders, I've never met, and I haven't even spoken to them, but they'll get it from God, see the ministry, and then they'll find a way to find us and add it as part of it. From many of these testimonies I have seen that this ministry really has little to do with the teacher, that the true ministry is the Marshal, our Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost, and Heavenly Father, so that each of you will be personally led by God, so that God will come to speak to you in person at night or in the day, just to say one thing, that is, to do only one thing, just to be the heart of God. That's pretty hard for all of us, because we're distracted, and very few people can do the ultimate thing. That means it's perfect.

I've seen a lot of artists in Japan before, I'm talking about artists who aren't cabaret stars, I'm talking about these craftsmen who do some kind of product. For example, I have seen a person in Japan to make rice cakes, he made rice cakes when very focused, decades only to make rice cakes, he does not do anything else, do not sell other, and his rice cake varieties are very few, as if only five or six. When I saw the picture, I was surprised, I think he made rice cake color is also good, good production, very beautiful, but he said one thing, he said this rice cake sold very expensive, and he only sells five hundred copies a day, one day he only made two pots, and then sold out, so he often sold rice cake to twelve o'clock, or sold until two o'clock in the afternoon, because he made two or three hours after the whole sold out. Then people would say, hey, why don't you do much? It turned out that he earned a lot of money, although he sold very expensive, but there are a lot of people to buy, and the time to sell is very short. 'I'm not going to do anything in my life, I'm going to make rice cakes, it's something my family has passed on, so I'm focused on doing one thing, I'm focused on grinding rice, I'm focused on studying its temperature, I'm focused on looking at the finished product,' he said. So he's going to do one thing to the extreme, and then he's going to get a great reward, and of course that reward comes from people.  I see a lot of such shops in Japan, some just do one thing, so that people think of eating rice cakes must think of this shop, first of all think of this shop. The same is true of God's score, it's really not easy to focus on one thing. I remember that IHOP once had a theme called one thing, and when I saw him, I thought it was great, why? He is focused on doing only one thing. That God's request to us, in fact, the requirement for the whole after-work is to focus on doing one thing, what? Revelation 12, the end of the whole God's will, this is what we receive from God. From the very beginning, the secret was kept until, when appropriate, God asked me to release this one little by little. Then I know very well that after the end we are this army, we are the last army, we are the leaders in this position of twelve boys all over the earth, and then we are also an army of all over the earth, because God has to do his job. The key is mainly to complete Apocalypse Chapter 12 and 7, which is just one part of our front, a part of God to us. That part is to do the job of freeing this repressed city-state from the grip of its enemies, and this will bring about the next renaissance.

There is also an important task, and when it comes to confronting the enemy Christ, we talk about our coming to clear the power of the duet, which I know is something very few people talk about, because God gives each team a different weight, so that not all teams can understand the situation of the second day. But God is going to do it all in the Book of Revelation so that the messenger led by Michael can wrestle them down against the messengers of Satan's agent. Those two days were lifted so that the throne of God could deseed from the last of the triple days to the earth, and you know that the final outcome is Jesus Christ leading his ten thousand saints, that is, leading his entire regiment, feet across the Mount of Olives, to deal with these evils on the ground, and that is only our mission in the first half. In fact, we also have the mission of the second half, that is, in the second half of Chapter 12 of Revelation, it refers to the wings of the eagle, that is, to support those churches, the church to the wilderness to avoid the pursuit of enemies. That is to say, in the first three and a half years the church 很 was not prepared, just as Bim michael wrote this strange dream, I saw this strange dream I am very ah, I said God where you are really great. In fact, this special meeting in October is a very important day for ministry, what is an important day? is to announce our identity to the whole land, so that the film can be passed out. We made a film about our identity, and then we know that in the nation of God, identity is very important, and when you know who you are, you can stand in the position that God gave you to be all in the spiritual state, and our identity is this one. I know there may be people who are not the identity of this new ethnic group of boys. When our identity became apparent, we saw that in Revelation 12 he mentioned one thing, the church was not prepared three and a half years ago, with the current including Jiang Novi talked about and BiMaye talked about this dream, many churches although famous in this world, but still not ready, so that when the enemy came, there is no determination to die, it can only run around, this is the last scene. We mentioned these things so that the brothers and sisters could understand what God made us do for ourselves and what this important thing was. That in the last three and a half years, when the church was forced to flee to the wilderness, the woman, that is, the church three and a half years ago was not prepared, until the forced arrival of they had to hide in the wilderness. There are two explanations for this wilderness, one is the real wilderness, which is what many people are talking about now, to hide in the city, and there is another kind of wilderness, which means that when the environment gets worse, even though you're in the city, you're often forced to do so. By the end of the last three and a half years the enemy Christ had been able to make a public sacrifice, that is to say, he had shown his identity, by which time the chip had been largely unified. Although we have a little bit of time, is the chip and money in the use of a situation, there is a little time to prepare, but in fact wait until that time, after three and a half years, the church had to be forced, boys have a responsibility to help the church identify the direction, then people will recognize the identity of these people. Later mentioned those who hold the commandments of God, in chapter 12 and 17, the dragon will then go to fight with the rest of her children, that is, from the women's church of the seeds, that some people also said that may not be very open to the Holy Ghost, during the disaster was left behind this group of children, they also said at that time either to hold the commandments of God, that is, or by this enemy looted. So these things are God's permission, and we probably don't think they're going to be that good right now, what can they do with us? No, in fact, the world can change overnight, overnight the whole environment will be completely different, just like Venezuela. Venezuela's inflation rate has now reached 100 percent, said to be in the hundreds, and almost overnight they were enjoying them in a greenhouse, but after a night they were completely left in poverty and chaos. Because the world is now a globalized world, which means that he can turn the page the next day, the next day you see the world has been different, this is our situation. So when it came to preparation at the end of the world, it's not just about being a child girl, I'm five smart people, not just that. What are the real things that the enemy can really fight at this time? It is those who are willing to put their lives on the table, those who put their lives in the hands of God, who have the determination to have such a son, you can. God is looking for these people, and he is looking for them all over the place. Then we mentioned before hello, I am good, love, some, love is very important, but when it comes to death, God wants us to prepare not only to prepare you I love you love me, but to begin to prepare for this new era of this new ethnic group of people come, then these people have to have this quality of life in his life, he can possibly stand in the coming crisis. Then I said a speech in the special meeting I do not know if you have listened, is the appearance of the Sons of God, then I mentioned in it, the last new woman warrior how do you prepare yourself, in addition to you have a close relationship with God, the relationship between the contract, what do you do? Prepare the spiritual fruit. Spiritual gifts and fruits are completely different two things, fruit refers to virtue, you already have that virtue, has been holy, and then you have to prepare to walk with God, with God on the mention of an important thing, you not only obey, but to have the determination to die.

Thank God, that's where I share today. It may have had an impact on you, but when I saw the prespons or the gods of this generation, not only did I confirm that the direction of the ministry was in the right direction, but it also made me feel that even if they were not ready, how could the saints really stand when that day came? So this is what I'm going to share today, and maybe it's a great shock to you, thank the Lord, because by the end of this wave of revival has been different from before, I don't know if it's the first wave, and some of you say that the fourth wave of Lynn is different from this one or two. The third and fourth waves of Lynn, because this is no longer a revival of the spirit, he is a forced forgiveness and love of this kind of power of a revival, is a death determination of a revival, God is trying his best to find such a heart. So who has forgiveness and great love in mind? Who can be with God, who is eligible? So first ask God to save our own hearts so that when we do anything, we don't build our own reputation, and become a vessel that God can use, that is, I am completely used by the Lord, and I have prepared it, no matter how he uses me I will. That's what Jesus Christ served, and when he served in an area, he disappeared into the crowd. God is looking for such a man, he wants not our gift, but our heart, and what he wants now is not only our spiritual knowledge of how to be fully prepared, or what kind of discussion we have about the Bible, he wants that heart, and he wants that heart not only willing to follow him, but also not to cherish his own life, and then willing to follow God's footsteps, so that the name can be recorded in the Lamb Book of Life.

Okay, let's make a prayer. Lord, I thank you for your praise, thank you for what you said to our hearts today, I know today that I have not done any speeches and preparations at all, but thank you for putting it in my mouth, let me really know that you are going to use this vessel to dump a call to Taiwan's brothers and sisters and your hope for them. God you are all looking for such a person, you are no longer looking for the gift of man, is no longer how familiar and understanding they are to you, you want their hearts, and you want their whole people, you want 100 percent of the people, you want people not only put everything in your hands, you want him willing to put his life, this has gone beyond our previous generations of these preached knowledge, you want this group of people are willing to pay their own lives, and willing to put their own, This is a new challenge for us. For us, we may not have a lot of people have not prepared, perhaps when we listen to the heart also feel that the Lord ah, I really haven't enjoyed enough of this wonderful world, how you are coming back so soon, I have not been able to fully understand and know that you are so soon back. But we know that time has been set in heaven, your grace will not be extended, because the sin of this land has been extremely large, extremely evil, you want your children to prepare quickly, you are speaking to all your loved ones, you are sending them a message, their current knowledge and discussion of their spiritual gifts and abilities, these knowledge is not enough, you want to be willing to put on all their own and even life of such precious seeds and vessels, because you want to become your country's will. Thank you for having that desire in us to examine our hearts so that we can renew and change our hearts, to do our best to examine our motives, to check whether our desires follow God or to follow ourselves. Lord thank you, please really let our name be recorded in the Lamb's book of life forever. Lord, thank you for your new challenge, a new round of seeing, because you are going to bring your great love and greatness to us, and you are coming to some precious utensils like this, because you have begun to measure your temple, measure the city of the foreign states, you no longer hesitate, you no longer watch in the distance, your hands have touched the hearts of each of us. Lord, thank you for praising you, and our prayers are in the name of my Lord Jesus Christ's victory and glory, Amen.