This Nation, This City (1)


Thank you, Lord! We just returned from the United States where we dealt with altars. So what I want to give today has something to do with altars. The subject I'll discuss today is therefore——the huge city that rules the monarchs, this nation and this city. The key is that you are the source of hope—the light. Let's begin by offering a prayer in the name of Jesus.

We give you thanks and praise, Lord. We entrust our father's kind hands with each member of our family today. Please talk to us and place your hands on our hearts. I pray that you will let us hear and see what you have for us to learn. Let all our thoughts and actions be directed towards you in the name of Jesus Christ, as the branch remains in the vine. Please anoint me so that I can focus my eyes. Put your hands on the child. Lord, please utilise this lowly vessel to send forth the words and strength that you are releasing today. Thank you for keeping us and guiding us into your light and into your life, Lord. Glory be to you. In the steadfast name of our Lord and Savior, Amen.

Our sermons from Sunday service the week before provided a solid basis for us. We all stress the need of reviving. It happened not long after I got back to Toronto at the end of October this year. I once posted something on a gospel group. I said that during the past two years of the pandemic, God called us to do certain impossible things and enter some locations so that we could demonstrate the power and love of God to the rest of the world. Strangely, the group as a whole fell silent after I sent this message. The entire day, nobody responded. Until the following morning, finally someone replied, "Are you inciting hatred?" because everyone in the group is confined to their homes.

People are unable to comprehend God's works. Let's examine our responses and reactions now. I discovered that a lot of people are frightened by God's unexpected works. This is the common perception of God's omnipotence, as well as his acts and miracles. I give God thanks. I recently paid a visit to fellowships and families near the ministry's headquarters. I observed a large number of people were ecstatic and anticipating God's omnipotence. In one fellowship, I heard a testimony about something that happened to a family member. Many of them I didn't know.

I was introduced to a sister who told her testimony. She said that she had a long history of a urinary tract infection. She was entirely healed of her infection when I joined a meeting on Zoom before leaving on a mission, and she never experienced it again. She provided another statement. Because of the preaching and sharing, a pretty significant tumour on her hand has vanished at a speed that can be seen with the naked eye. Later, I went to see a lot of family members of our fellowships; many of them had been cured, and they exuded complete faith in the omnipotence and immense power of God. So let's look at two mindsets and responses. One is brimming with confidence, and the other is a terror of God's extraordinary wonders. As a result, we have a problem.

Today, we'd want to discuss how our lives must demonstrate God's enormous power and miracles in our lives. We are aware that God works through us to demonstrate his incarnation on earth by first pouring out his power and love on us. With the power and capacity that Christ has given us, we may combat the devil's deeds, such as deception, injustice, and wickedness. Hence, we ought to be the hope-bringing and light of the world. The darkness will vanish when the light appears. Christ holds many solutions that this world cannot provide. God's children—that is, people like you and me—should have the solutions to these problems that the world cannot handle.

The Bible also has references to this. (Read Romans 15:17–19.) “Consequently, while I serve God, I exalt Christ Jesus. I won't risk talking about anything other than how Christ has used me to influence the Gentiles to obey God via what I have said and done—by the power of miracles and wonders, through the power of the Spirit. I have so fully preached the message of Christ from Jerusalem all the way to Illyricum.”  The Bible contains references to God, as well as the gospel and the wonderful news of God's kingdom; these must be preached through both signs and wonders as well as God's strong might. When we act in this way, God's power will start to show itself. We may not always understand what God is asking us to accomplish, but this does not change the responsibility or duty He has given us.

Everyone is aware that we are getting ready for the walking prayer here in America. The information collection process began in June 2020 and lasted for about two years. God literally gave us the exact time to leave, which was the end of July 2022. To be completely honest, it wasn't exactly smooth the day we left home. I first purchased a plane ticket, but something subsequently prevented us from departing, therefore I had to get the price refunded. Next, a co-worker hurried to purchase a bus ticket, but due to other events, we were also unable to depart. My spouse ultimately drove my coworkers and I to New York.

Although it was quite challenging at first, it helped us understand the significance of the walking prayer for America and the dread of the enemy on this issue. In the history of humanity, the United States has a significant impact. It has become a fad for the entire world. It is a pioneer and a potent leader, so to speak. The United States is regarded as an example by many nations. As a result, since all countries have a close relationship with the USA, the course of all nations is influenced by it. Disney and Hollywood are great resources if you want to learn about entertainment, culture, and movies. There is Silicon Valley and the well-known international technology titans if you wish to learn about technology. There is Wall Street and the Federal Reserve, which regulates global finance, if you want to comprehend finance. There are obviously the Pentagon and Area 51 if you want to learn about the military. Hence, despite the fact that the United States was created less than 250 years ago, the Puritans had already established that American views were influenced by Christianity in the early years after the country's formation. Because of the Puritans' adherence to Christian ideals and their belief in the benevolence of Christ, the United States has in fact seen great blessings and prosperity.

The course of American history is being determined by another enigmatic and hidden power, it turns out at the same time. None of them failed to demonstrate a certain power, from the first American president's inauguration to the U.S. Capitol's construction to the Statue of Liberty brought over from France, etc. Someone claimed that it is because the Freemasonry and Illuminati control politics in the United States. Because it is reeking of Babylon, I can only conclude that there is some sort of throne here that Satan enjoys.

I recall that on July 27th, I was genuinely unsure of how to proceed. God revealed the reason for our journey to the US to me up to the end of July. In a dream, he gave it to me. The dream was quite basic. The devil and Satan were mentioned in this dream, and he dispatched numerous bounty hunters to hunt out American eagles. We are all aware that eagles frequently represent prophets and apostolic organisations. The eagles I observed were all enormous in size and had stunning feathers. Some feathers had armour made of gold, while others had leopard-like features. It moves rapidly and has a quick catch rate. But it is also revealed in this unusual dream that these bounty hunters have set up traps in various cities, utilising traps to catch, hunting with poisoned arrows, or shooting these flying eagles in order to make specimens that are then displayed in the exhibition room. Although it's for humans to view, it's quite lifelike.

One of the reasons God sent us to America became clear to me right away. Finding bounty hunters who have been hidden across the country is the goal. In the dream, he instructed us to locate the American bounty hunters who had hidden themselves there and to destroy any traps they had set. The goal is to conserve and promote free flight for the eagles that call this region home. We are the ones who frequently experience weird dreams and can articulate the dreams. I consequently realised right away that the bounty hunter portends the presence of evil forces. The Illuminati, Freemasonry, Satanism, and other titles for this evil entity are used in the United States. They reside in altars, and the traps they created are various dark altar configurations. God made one of our reasons for travelling to America clear to us in a dream.

The next stage is to decide how specific altars should be treated. The Holy Spirit brought to mind a verse from Revelation chapter 18 just before we left. Although it refers to a big metropolis that rules over monarchs, it actually mentions a nation or kingdom. We all understand that this great city will rule over the kings in the future and that it will go through the fire test described in chapter 18 of Revelation. However, at the same time, something beautiful will take place: the ancient word will be revived, and the revival altar of the ancient word will be rebuilt. Thus we understand that Egypt and Babylon were the original types of this metropolis and its nation. Yet today, it's often used as a symbol for America by prophets. I'm aware that many of us don't always concur, but that's okay because people have different ideas. Nonetheless, it cannot be denied that the city and the nation are talking about spiritual adulterous women and Babylon's political, military, and economic structure. Indeed, chapter 17 of Revelation has already been thoroughly addressed in all of chapters 18. I can pinpoint the precise site of the altar we came to America to deal with if we carefully consider the information in this chapter and use the cues God has given us. We knew this earthquake occurred in the Mississippi river basin since it is indicated in chapter 18 that there was an earthquake. Based on a prophecy I got from the Holy Spirit twenty years ago, this was written. Our concentration is on the altars along the river because the land around the large river was severely damaged by a large earthquake.

Another mention is made of a woman wearing purple and crimson clothing. And, of course, I am aware that this is the antithesis of American finance and economy, as well as world finance and economy. As a result, this time our treatment will also be focused on finance and the economy. The Leviathan force and the Hermes business spirit are the two most significant factors at play here. So, where is another point of focus? It is located in Little Egypt in Cairo. This region contains the core of the corresponding relationship between the altar and the constellation since it is the intersection of the two solar eclipses. As a result, it is now yet another important issue that needs to be resolved in the United States.

We visited America with this goal in mind. It's really simple to summarise. The first is to locate the bounty hunters who are concealed throughout the country and the traps they have created. We'll remove or prevent these sinister altars. The distribution of the altars overall is revealed in Chapter 18 of Revelation. The second issue is the revival altar of the return of the ancient word.

So I'll start by talking about my destiny's awakening and opening, as well as the task I have to finish. I am aware that we most likely won't be able to complete our first chapter, The Doomed Awakening, tonight. Every group, every person, and every country has a unique destiny, purpose, and mission. Is it correct? We all possess this sense of meaning and destiny deep within. Earlier, the concerns of everyday life inhibited this sense of purpose. To bring the kingdom of God, also known as the kingdom of heaven, to the earth and to exercise the power of government over this region, is our mission once we find refuge in the kingdom of God, immigrate to this new kingdom through the cross of Christ, and are given the status of children of God in this kingdom of heaven.

Coincidentally, God gave our conference the theme of awakening, and I travelled this time to the United States, New Zealand, Australia, and Taiwan. Who understands that one of the Heavenly Father's key goals in these latter days is to awaken the divine children so they can understand their purpose here on earth? God will disclose the Father's own will as He lays out a strategy and blueprint for the end times. Eventually we realise that God will use dreams to remind us of our identities and origins. Instead, God may use visions to reveal his purposes and beckon us to the promised land. We can get new power, a fresh anointing, and the right to conquer new lands with the awakening and revelation of our own destiny. As a result, in the final days, the Heavenly Father is assembling his angels and other celestial hosts to form a legion that will engage in a crucial conflict on earth. It makes sense that certain prophets claimed in September of this year that the order from heaven had been given, troops from across the world were gathering, and together with the army on the ground, they led the fires into the decisive battle of the end days.

2 Timothy 1:9 says: “He has saved us and called us to a holy life—not because of anything we have done but because of his own purpose and grace. This grace was given us in Christ Jesus before the beginning of time.” Hence, according to this verse, we have a purpose that has been given to us by Christ from the very beginning of time. We are here on Earth to accomplish our purpose and destiny. Yet we also understand that Satan or the devil is making every effort to keep this destiny from coming to pass. Of course, their goal is to devastate the planet and bring up a crisis.

We are all aware of how startlingly similar history is. In the Garden of Eden, the Old Testament era's dilemma first materialised. The deadly fruit that we now refer to as the "fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil" forced Adam and Eve to give up their authority over the planet. Satan therefore had the chance to bring about a major famine in order to prevent the descendants of the Jewish people from being saved. The entire Jacobian family was in risk of going extinct as a result of this famine. At that time, Joseph, who had been sold into slavery in Egypt, was made governor. As a result, Jacob and his family fled to Egypt to avoid the catastrophe.

The second crisis happened at the time of Moses, when Pharaoh, motivated by the devil, sought to exterminate two generations of Israelites by killing all the Hebrew male newborns. Yet as time went on, it became clear what God had done: the firstborn in all of Egypt died, while Moses was saved as a baby. At the age of 80, Moses moved into his destiny and travelled back to Egypt with the help of God. The rest of the narrative is well known. The Israelites were led out of Egypt by Moses and Joshua. Joshua eventually led the second generation into Canaan and conquered the promised land during the seven-year war.

We can generally predict what will happen in the future based on the pattern we see today, and we can also predict how the opponent will obstruct us from completing our objectives and following orders. They will first cause an enormous famine and the collapse of the economy. Yet, we are aware that God would send Joseph to Egypt beforehand to capture the Egyptians' wealth as well as the wealth of the rest of the land in order to protect and save the God-fearing remnant. The devil will next utilise corrupt education and contaminated media to murder God's offspring for at least two generations. Yet, God will take one action during this time to protect contemporary Joshua and Moses, who are the victorious remnants. This is the ascension of the people who triumph, who, according to the Book of Revelation, will one day govern the world with an iron sceptre. Joshua is known to have guided the previous generation into the promised land at that time.

We understand the fighting in the country of Canaan was so fierce that both men and women from the entire nation of Israel took part in both large and little wars. I understand that some of them were sacrificed, some were taken, and some gave themselves over to the enemy. You must acknowledge this reality. Therefore, it is undoubtedly a joke if someone responds, "I can stay away." The past is therefore not particularly similar? I recently made a comparison and found many similarities. Thus, nobody can avoid it. Either you fight valiantly to survive the wars in Canaan, or you seek brief solace in the devil or Satan. God has therefore warned us in the Scriptures that living in the present is crucial in the coming days. Even though we were born during a time of darkness, there is no better or more crucial time to send you on this final trip to Earth. Romans 8:17-19 says: “For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed.” According to this verse, which states that all created things are looking forward to the arrival of God's children in this generation—the generation of triumphant people—on earth. They will spread the earth's might and grandeur.

Secondly, I'll explain how to conduct kingdom administration because the millennium will be entered by each of us, every victor, and every remnant. Before you receive the inheritance from the Heavenly Father, there will be a practise and training period. Similar to a senior internship in the final year of college, timing is crucial. You have the ability to use some authority to rule God's kingdom; it is your obligation as well as ours.

As one enters the country, they find themselves in a wonderful city with 38 rivers flowing into the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. So, it is simple to relate the peoples, multitudes, countries, and tongues listed in Revelation 17:15. There are immigrants from more than 170 countries, 562 different nationalities, and 336 different languages are spoken here. There are more than 300 million people, therefore it should come as no surprise that it is regarded as a large country with numerous people, nations, and tongues. Genesis chapter one verse 28 states that humans should have had dominion over all things, possessed land, and governed them all. They seek to control everything, including the physical and spiritual worlds, as well as time and space, among other things. We have to groan and remark that we do not yet possess such authority and power. But according to the Bible, we are the Father's authorised envoys since we are God's offspring. The envoys have the authority to impose the laws of God's kingdom on this planet. Men will rule over all living things that move on the land and over fish in the water, birds in the sky, according to Genesis 1:28. This living thing is more than just an animal. This verse makes it clear that the authority of rule that the Heavenly Father desires to bestow is unquestionably a kingdom-based rule, making the idea presented here unquestionably a kingdom idea.

Then, in order to raise the awareness of the victorious and the bride of Christ, I have actually spoken on the subject of kingdom rule numerous times. I discovered something fascinating. Finally, in the twenty-first century, someone began to unravel this church mystery. This conundrum puts our knowledge of the early church to the test. Ekklesia, the Greek term for church, first appears in the New Testament in Matthew 16:18 and 18:17. There are actually two verses here, but I'll only use one. “I tell you that you are Peter, and that I will build my church on this rock so that it will be unconquerable by the gates of Hades.” Jesus referred to the group as the ekklesia, also known as the Divine Council or the Council of Heaven, rather than calling it a church. Then, we have to consider this: Does it matter whether we have identities on earth or in heaven in light of this? Yet you'll quickly see that there is a substantial and noticeable difference. What exactly is Jesus Christ going to construct on the world now that he has been sent here? So that we can properly examine Matthew 16 and many other New Testament texts. You discover that Christ distinctly stated the Father's and his own intentions; he is then going to construct something that will overpower the gates of Hades. This Hades gate alludes to the hierarchy of the dark forces. He stated that, “I wish to construct my — the celestial council or Divine Council — on this rock for that reason.” This is a declaration made by one kingdom or nation against another. You can see how it ends out that Jesus Christ never intended to use the planet to establish a church or simply a gathering of followers of a particular religion. This is a serious translation error. Instead, the ekklesia serves as the polis's legislative body and administrative hub. We have become the rulers of the heavenly kingdom, the heirs of the kingdom, and we are not just the leader of a group of people or just a follower of a certain person. Just as this polis management centre on Earth has legislative, judicial, and administrative power, the heavenly parliament naturally has those same powers.

In reality, you could give an illustration. Right present, if you are the governor of a province, you have greater jurisdiction than just in matters of religion. Similar to this, the Heavenly Father established the entire holy council on earth—the Divine Council, as we call it—and its model is the ekklesia, which has never only focused on the synagogue. Instead, what he wants to establish on earth has always been the political administration centre of the polis. A centre for governance like this is based on the Roman Empire's People's Council. The People's Council, What is it? Similar to today's Senate or House of Representatives, citizen representatives are chosen from a group of voters and given the city's legislation, judicial system, and administration to jointly rule the polis. So, it goes without saying that they talked about more than just theological issues; they also addressed polis and nations, which encompasses topics like economic policies, laws, military battles, and even war declarations. It therefore seeks to combat the military, social, political, economic, and livelihood problems brought on by the entire dark kingdom's invasion of the light kingdom. Once this enigma is understood, it is understandable why the devil would tremble and make long-term plans to do anything he can to kill Christians or God's children. Because when God's people reach this moment of awakening, a tsunami of revival will unavoidably follow, and even all peoples will come to God.

At the kingdom level, battles inherently demand tactics. From whence do we get the plan? That comes from God, of course. As a result, I was actually startled when I read through the plan God has given for us in America because it really addressed the subject we would be dealing with. This implies that the states on both sides of the Mississippi River Basin, from north to south, would be included in the divine disposition. He expanded Route 66 from east to west, including Cairo and Little Egypt, until it reached Santa Monica in Los Angeles. Also, it will affect five cities in the eastern USA as well as eight states across the nation. The political altar is concentrated on Washington, DC, and the eastern United States, while the financial altar is concentrated on New York City and the northeastern United States. I can only reveal the first stop for now.

The first stop's emphasis was on the financial sector in New York, which is also a global financial centre. There aren't many American cities that are unaffected by the influence of Freemasonry and other evil powers. As a result, you can see the small and altar arrangement of the city plan created by the stonemason organisation a century ago in every city. I kept track of how many huge man-made altars there were in New York. In essence, there are between three and seven levels of stacked altars in addition to more than seven sets of regular or united altars. Hermes, the source of the deep state, the altar of the power of the spirit of commerce, the altar of the power of the spiritual consciousness movement sitting on the waters, the top two altars of Leviathan power that rule the financial world in the top two major stock exchanges. With one of the greatest gay populations and pride parades in the world, there are altars of gay power as well. There are also altars of cultural ideology, religious power, and war power, among others. The Great Lakes, for instance, link the Erie Canal, the Hudson River, and the North Atlantic Ocean to the North Atlantic Ocean, connecting the majority of New York's geographical points. As a result, the Erie Canal is essential to the economy of New York and maybe the entire country. The five great lakes and the North Atlantic Ocean are joined by this canal, which is the second-largest man-made structure in the world. Its construction hastened the westward expansion of the United States and turned New York from a tiny port town into a global metropolis. Then, if I examine the Erie Canal from the viewpoint of the altar, you will see that Elkanah Watson and Jesse Hawley, the engineers and planners who dug the canal, played two crucial roles, in addition to the New York State Government. They unquestionably received assistance from the spirit world or alien knowledge. As you can see, the Erie Canal's construction will link the natural shrines of the North Atlantic waters as well as Metcheck, Hudson, and New York Harbor. Additionally, because this canal cuts through the Appalachian, Catskill, Allegheny Plateau, and Adirondack Mountains in the south, as well as the Appalachian, Catskill, and Adirondack Mountains in the north, it completely opened up the alpine natural altar and the spiritual entrance to the east and west. As a result, domestic and international trade in the United States continued to pour into New York after the canal's opening in 1825, and the city quickly rose to prominence as the trading and financial hub of both the United States and the entire world. A canal changed the destiny of a city and shaped the history of a nation. The establishment of New York's position also resulted in the formation of Wall Street's status. We now understand the structure of Wall Street, New York, and the USA as the global financial hub.

We carried out a number of activities after we got to New York. The first step was to stop and block the spiritual pathways of the seven groups of ground-level dark altars throughout New York City, as well as to demolish the bounty hunters' traps. It covers Staten Island in Manhattan, Bear Mountain in the Appalachians, the Minerva Liberty Altar at New York's lowest point, the Military Altar of the Statue of Liberty, and other places, of course. It's safe to say that a number of responses from the physical world immediately followed. The Minerva Liberty Altar linkage group answered right away, just three days after the altar was handled. In connection with this interconnection, an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.1 took place in Gwadar Port on July 31. Another altar, Fima, which is connected to the Statue of Liberty and connected to Mohenjo Daro in Pakistan, was destroyed in September, and the ancient city that had existed for four thousand years collapsed on the same day that a fire broke out in the same constellation altar, a specific trade centre in Dubai. This dark altar was ultimately struck hard as a result. I'll list a response from the military altar as the following item. Within ten days, the linking altar will produce a series of violent reactions. What I'm looking forward to is this. I observed how strongly the response was. Any colonial nation connected to the United States quickly set off other linkage responses when it rattled the military altar's supply. You can observe the armed war in its colony between Azerbaijan and Armenia, the conflict in Palestine's Gaza Strip, the United Kingdom, the problem in the Taiwan Strait, and so forth.

What are we going to do next with regard to the second issue? We searched for the evil forces in charge of the banking sector and discovered that they are known as Leviathan. While hiding well, we nevertheless discovered three. Ontario is where the first altar is. It extends more than 160 kilometres and begins at the Niagara cliff in the west. However, I utilised it at the end of 2020 to gauge how the North American financial market would respond. Hence, it appears that in early 2021, less than two months after we completed a series of altar destruction, the physical response was immediately followed. It is what? When Wall Street finance was impacted, four renowned short-selling institutions that made money by manipulating stock prices suffered greatly, three of them shut down, and it appeared that one of them was liquidated or declared bankrupt. At that time, Wall Street had been epically cleansed for three days and three nights, according to the media. This time, we therefore decided to look for the spiritual foundation of the American financial organisation that includes the New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq Exchange. Because we had already taken the test, we were really confident. The puzzle of the spiritual map investigation department and the dream revealed by the Holy Spirit indicated that the other two Leviathan evil forces that rule the financial sector had finally come to light as expected. Like you, I was fascinated, and like you, I was watching the two regional Leviathan powers that ruled the financial sector. What ultimately happened? We witnessed an amazing procedure. First off, on August 6, Buffett became the first individual affected and suffered an unusual loss of $300 billion. A Japanese investment fund and another enormous Financial institution lost 540 billion dollars seven days later. A particular country's listed corporations all stated 11 days later that they would all simultaneously delist from the American stock exchange and leave the whole U.S. capital market. The super-rich men Musk and Bezos lost 540 billion in an instant 25 days later. This time, the entire world's currency has been impacted by Leviathan's financial dark forces. Since the banking sector was rocked this time, we may observe how the world has responded. The New York Stock Exchange took the brunt of the blow first, then the Federal Reserve, the end of the bull market, and the wave of bond sales.

 So even if I don't need to travel to New York State, I can still see a city's dark power on the spiritual map and comprehend how it is ingrained there. We may learn about the state of the church and the people's hearts in that region because the Leviathan's power not only dominates the financial sector but also the hearts of the people in the city of New York. We all know that the Leviathan force breeds distrust, scepticism, division, miscommunication, skewed relationships, impenetrable pride, and hubris if we have learnt or comprehended what it is. They will burn everything because they willfully oppose and reject the work of the Holy Spirit. Life cannot flourish and produce fruit when man is typically suffocated by the power of the water. I therefore had coworkers who shared with me the local church system when I arrived there. It was not shocking that there occasionally occurred cycle divides and relationship harm because this was the outcome of the agitation of the evil forces throughout the region.

But, there are methods we may improve this circumstance because Christ is the solution. Naturally, the dark altar's other power, which is also one of the roots of Freemasonry and rationality, is part of the altar we dealt with in New York. The god of commerce is another name for the Spirit of Hermes. Hermes is the deity of trade, oratory, and the ability to commit theft. We already know that this force will have an impact on commercial and financial policies. It's through the altar of the sports meeting, which has a lengthy history, even though you might not want to believe it. How does modern business have anything to do with the god of thieves, others might ask? I assume that the police will apprehend robbers who steal automobiles and groceries from the street. The true leader of the criminals, however, is unquestionably the target of government protection because they rarely get caught manipulating the stock market for financial gain, and even the government will do so. Hence, you will notice that the power of Hermes may be compromised somewhere whenever there is a significant movement in the financial market. Hence, if you pay attention to how business is changing, you can see what is happening spiritually behind the scenes.

Thirdly, we had to get up in the middle of the night at two in order to ascend one of the Appalachian Mountains' peaks at three in order to block this fallen dark power from the spiritual gateway in the eastern United States. It took our group 15 hours to solve the altar on the mountain peak when I went alone. As we originally started, we unintentionally entered a marsh because we couldn't see clearly in the darkness. More than two hours passed while we were stranded in the swamp, and one of our teammates had to leave.

How did we handle the fourth issue? The fourth occasion took place on August 5. I recall attending a tiny family fellowship meeting in New York. A miracle occurred that day when an elderly guy who had suffered a stroke was able to put down his crutch and leave. I received a message from the Holy Spirit that evening. He said that his glory would be present if you performed your worship rituals here for three days and three nights without changing, eating, or sleeping. We expected to stop that day for a variety of reasons, but we did not anticipate that a little pillar of fire would actually descend. The fire pillar was touched by numerous family members. You are aware that in the months that followed my departure, including a few previous Sunday sharings, they continued to propagate in New York the revival testimonies in which people's lives were saved and illnesses were cured. All of this is a result of the arrival of the fire pillar. Thus, we give God praise.

I believe that's all I'll be able to say today. One of the journeys that God took us on was this one. We can see that we have the power to rule through this procedure. What we have also observed is that in order for miracles and wonders to occur in our lives, we must demonstrate the omnipotence of God. According to Matthew 12:41–42, “the men of Nineveh will rise up in the judgement with this generation and condemn it because they turned to God after hearing Jonah's message, and in fact, someone far bigger than Jonah is present. The queen of the South will rise up in the judgment with this generation and condemn it; for she came from the ends of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon, and indeed a greater than Solomon is here.” According to the scripture, since opportunities in the city of Nineveh were not as good as those in ours, yet the men of Nineveh repented as a consequence of the enormous force of the gospel, they will be able to criticize the inadequacies and issues of our generation on the day of judgement. As a result, we have had the chance to witness God's enormous might at work, but many people continue to reject him. According to the Bible, the men of Nineveh have the authority to rise up and judge your people. He also discussed the second topic, namely the existence of the queen of Sheba, who was superior to the men of Nineveh. Jesus mentioned the queen of the South in this context because she had come to hear the wise man's advice. Jesus just said that this Southern queen will stand up and expose this generation's immorality, exposing their flaws because they hate the knowledge and skills that God has given them. Originally, we have the chance to apply God's wisdom to how we live, but we choose to ignore it. God questioned these people, telling them that they had missed the chance to witness Christ's enormous power in action and that by ignoring God's acts in daily living and service, they had lost their capacity to influence others. Our purpose in coming to this world—and yours and my purpose as well—is to spread light and hope. In many situations where there doesn't seem to be a way out, God's strength, omnipotence, plan, and wisdom will lead to a resolution. As we may provide hope and light, we must strive in this subject and be a part of God's entrust.

Let's pray. Today, when I was praying, I became aware that God was asking me to give a service even though I had no idea why. But, I believe that there are probably many of us who genuinely need to overcome the despair in our life, the depression that makes us doubt God's omnipotence, or the depression that results from a lack of trust. Some of us are genuinely terrified of God's extraordinary works. They are unaware that we will deliver the message of hope and the solution to the issues facing this generation as part of the mission God has given us. I will therefore pray for you. May God be with us, for I am aware that among us there are those I just mentioned, as well as those who see God's might at work yet refuse to turn from their sin. Let's start by praying for ourselves.

We implore your pardon for such erroneous views in our life in the name of Jesus Christ. We lack faith in God and are terrified of God's unexpected deeds as a result of the hurts we have experienced, certain incorrect teachings we have learned, or even some societal pressures. We continue to hold the same beliefs as the rest of the world even in the face of God's omnipotence. We must give up the false assumptions we once held about our identity, worth, and future because we stand before you. We acknowledge and absolve ourselves of these falsehoods against God.

You must repent if the Holy Spirit brings this to your attention in your life. You must repent if you don't believe in God's magnificent deeds or the power He once manifested on the men of Nineveh. He is able to restore men throughout an entire city, not to mention ourselves. Because of this, according to the Bible, the men of Nineveh are capable of rising up to condemn this generation. As we are aware of any lies in our lives that are inconsistent with reality, we not only acknowledge them but also beg Jesus Christ to rule over all of our thoughts and deeds. Now we must reject these erroneous notions, repudiate these lies, and choose truth over lies. Therefore, we ask for your aid, Holy Spirit, in breaking all of these bad habits, such as cursing, curse words, and allowing the truth to take root in our hearts.

Lord, may your power be seen in our lives. We pray that we fulfil your purpose for us in this life, as we are meant to be the generation's and the world's light. Thus, we come before the Father to make a declaration that we will give up anything that is contrary to God's will, including every outward and internal idolatry. We must renounce and reject any spiritual or material ties to these powers in the name of Jesus Christ. We now abandon any activities that go against God's words and will, as long as they are offensive to God and do not delight Him. Whatever the form—witchcraft, curse, or anything else—we must give up all that displeases you. Please pardon us for our previous actions in the name of Jesus Christ. We pray to God for wisdom so that we might use it in our everyday lives. Otherwise, we risk being like what the Bible says, where the queen of the South can stand up at the time of judgement and reprove this generation for not incorporating your wisdom into our life. We continue to be adamant in our ideas and thoughts, so we don't want to lose sight of God or of His knowledge in our daily lives or of our capacity to impact others.

May the Lord grant us the strength to free myself from any such soul ties and other aspects of our souls that do not align with his will. Lord help us because there are certain people in our family who think they are smart. They can understand what they may know about God because God has made it clear to them. Because God's immeasurable attributes—his eternal power and almighty nature—have been plainly perceived and recognised from the creation of the world, men are without defence. Thus, may God provide us the strength to let go of such thoughts and concepts if we know God but do not revere, honour, or thank him. Please grant us your deliverance right away and assist us in letting go of all these entanglements in our lives. We are grateful for everything you have given to us so we can experience life's abundance.

Lord, pardon us for all of our self-destructive and disregarding behaviours, and may we truly exercise God's authority and rule through us. We repent and confess our sins before you if we didn't previously understand the actual meaning of the church and didn't recognise that this is how a kingdom is governed. So that we can stand shoulder to shoulder with you and witness God's own handiwork, may you provide us the ability to see with new eyes. We are willing to inherit such grace, authority, and power from God because what you intend to give us will be the benefits, authority, and power that no eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no human mind has dreamed. We are willing to take on such a task so that we can exercise the governance of the kingdom. The ekklesia we see and understand today, or the government we see and understand, turned out to be the purpose and mission of Christ being sent to the earth. Help us begin this year of internship before the millennium begins, show us how to inherit the inheritance of our Heavenly Father, receive various trainings, assist us in understanding what is unique about our identity, and assist us in realising that we are the rulers and successors in the kingdom of heaven.

Lord, let us see more, and let our horizons grow. Hence, I now wish to bind and rebuke all evil forces and the enemy's plans that disrupt our lives in the name of Jesus Christ. All self-important things that prevent people from knowing about Christ will crumble under the overwhelming might of God, I announce in the name of Jesus Christ, allowing people's thoughts to be directed back towards Him. Thank you, Lord. In the name of Jesus Christ, we now lay our hands on our own heads and request that God's anointing cut off the devastation that befalls our generation, our family, and our personal lives because God is restoring everything that the enemy has stolen. May the things you spoke never come back to you and be carried out in accordance with your wishes. May you keep all of your promises. Therefore, bind any dark forces that are interfering with our lives right now in the name of Jesus Christ, then disconnect them right away and drive them out. Reject all the evil ones, their pressure, their supply, their lies, all their misunderstandings, and all their charges through the power of the Holy Spirit of the Lord. Whatever media tricks are employed against us, we never give up.

Thank you, Lord, and now please lay your hands on each of us and start to heal us—whether it's the healing of our bones, emotions, souls, wounds, misfortune, or the healing required because of bitterness, rejection, secession, rebellion, and accusations—or of our fresh pain, our wounds, or our emotional pain. In the holy name of Jesus Christ, we announce that we have been given the power of the Holy Spirit and that we have already started to rise above poverty, whether it be material or spiritual poverty. May God remove all barriers so that we might experience blessings and riches. We begin now to release the blessings as we give thanks and worship to the Lord. You are a God of miracles and wonders, and you have displayed your might and power among the peoples in the name of Jesus Christ. As a result, when we bow down before you now, we give the Lord our complete confidence, thank you for everything, and fear you. So please grant us the blessing to mend our bones and strengthen our flesh in the name of Jesus Christ. Our vats are overflowing with fresh wine, so fill our barns with abundance. Lord, heal us as you have promised, and also provide for us as you have promised. So, we must now remove any curses and supply-related obstacles. Get away of all the restrictions and pressure the enemy has placed on us in this area.

Thank you, Lord, for being our rock and source of strength. We submit to you in the name of Jesus Christ. May your anointing continue to fall, and may your fire continue to burn. Let us accept your authority and the yoke that you have removed for yourself. We will also acquire the power to vanquish evil spirits and expel them, rule the entire earth, reign as king on earth alongside Christ, raise the dead, end poverty and enter abundance, leave darkness and enter light, and acquire all other forms of spiritual power. In the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ, we give thanks and praise to the Lord. Amen!