2.2.2 Living in God's Order (Part 2)

2.2.2 活在神的次序裡(二)

Sharing from the Healing Course at Life School: Relationships

In our previous class, we talked about the topic of living in God's order. In the last class, we discussed how God created us to reflect His glory and gave us abundant life. However, we discovered that we cannot live up to that potential. We cannot move instantly like Adam in the Garden of Eden, govern a large territory like Adam did with the four rivers, or remember the names of all the animals. We realized that abundance is not seen in our current situation. So, we want to share where the problem lies. Next, we talked about relationships. In today's society, we find that we do not know what true relationships are. As a result, our lives are very chaotic, and we do not know how to handle relationships between people, colleagues, bosses, friends, and even family members. We found that we cannot handle them well. So, we turn to the Bible to see the truth and description of relationships.

So when we talk about relationships, we must have a model, and that model is who? It's our God. The relationship between the three persons of the Trinity - the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit - is an example for us. We see that the Father and Jesus, Jesus obeyed and honored God's will, and between the Holy Spirit and the Son, the Holy Spirit did not glorify Himself, but came to glorify Jesus. When the Father declared Jesus Christ His Son, who did He honor? He honored Jesus. Therefore, from the relationship and evolution of the Trinity, I discovered the truth about relationships, which is never to exalt oneself, but to honor the other and lift them up. This is the relationship that God created us to live out.

The paradigm for the relationship of the Trinity is to never exalt oneself but to honor the other, and this is the model that God wants to give us. How we handle relationships between people, including our collaboration models, should be the same. So why are there so many broken relationships in society? It's because we never lived in or walked in the relationship that the Triune God has revealed to us. God's love is expressed in our lives through relationships, and all His abundance is expressed to us through the love of relationships. This is the relationship that God has revealed to us so that we can move from one glory to another. Last time we also shared about the order in which God created things. The order of God's creation has spiritual laws, as well as worldly laws.

The laws of the world, we all know, are the physical laws. Water turns into ice, there are four seasons, and if these laws are disturbed, natural disasters occur. All things are subject to the laws created by God. Once something deviates from God's laws, disasters occur. Everything operates following  God's order, so if you follow God's order, things will naturally reflect His glory, and you don't need to do anything deliberately to achieve this. That is already living out God's glory.

What about the definition of spiritual laws? In our previous class, we talked about what spiritual laws are. For example, "Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you." This is a spiritual law. Another example is found in Galatians 6:7, "Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. Whoever sows to please their flesh, from the flesh will reap destruction; whoever sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life." This is also a spiritual law.

We know that when the laws of the world are violated, natural disasters occur. Likewise, if the spiritual laws are violated, our lives will have problems. If we do not live within God's laws, we cannot live in His abundance. Therefore, we can see the importance of God's order. Of course, when we exercise our power outside the realm of authority and order, our ability is not taken away, but we cannot reflect God's glory.

We all know that casting out demons is a kind of authority. Since authority is a spiritual law, the spiritual law means that if you obey God, you will receive that authority. I often encounter people sharing with me, saying, "Hey, why can't I cast out the demon from that person? I fasted, I prayed, and I even called a group of people to pray, and the truth is in the content we are talking about today. I remember one time when I was casting out demons, there was a group of people gathered around because the anointing was very strong on-site. The demon manifested itself, and everyone enthusiastically approached it. The person who was suppressed sat there with his legs crossed, pointing to a person rushing up and saying, "Don't come over here because you are so rebellious. Do you know my name? It is "Rebellion." And he said, "You see, you don't obey your leader usually. Why do you have the right to cast me out?" This is an example that shows the spiritual realm. He knows what authority is because it is a spiritual law.

So why can't the demon be cast out in this way? Because that person's life is not living in the order that God created, and today we will talk about this key point. When we exercise our power outside the scope of authority and order, things will happen. Let's take Lucifer as an example. We all know the story of Lucifer, the former name of Satan. God struck him down. We turn to Isaiah 14:12-14: "How you have fallen from heaven, morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations! You said in your heart, 'I will ascend to the heavens; I will raise my throne above the stars of God; I will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly, on the utmost heights of Mount Zaphon. I will ascend above the tops of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High.'" We are all familiar with the story of Lucifer. He was one of the archangels created by God, and he was the archangel of worship. In this sentence, how many "I will" do you see? "Five 'I wills'." When Lucifer proposed his "I wills," he wanted to replace God's position and said, "I will make myself like the Most High."

Who is the Supreme One? God! So when we talk about the true relationship within the Trinity, it is always about showing respect for each other, lifting each other up, and never thinking about one's benefit, but only about the benefit of the other. Let's take a look at when God created angels and created Lucifer, did he lift up Lucifer? "Yes," where can we find it? We can see it in the names "Morning Star" and "Son of the Dawn", which are also the names of Jesus. We can see that God honored Lucifer greatly. He even gave him a name that belongs to his son, which is like naming your cat after your daughter or son. Therefore, when we live in God's glory, we should live in a relationship of honoring God. He only needs to do one thing, which is to reflect everything he receives from God in that relationship. The ability of all things to reflect God's glory is simply because they obey the spiritual law of God. Therefore, if you simply obey that spiritual law, you can reflect God's glory and receive everything from God.

Lucifer could have done this, but when he said "I want" and his focus shifted from God to himself, he fell from heaven. He was originally looking at God and worshiping and praising him as an angel. As long as he fixed his gaze on God and obeyed the law that God gave him, he could reflect God's glory. But when he began to say "I want," he started to shift the focus from God to himself, and at that moment he fell from heaven. Therefore, brothers and sisters, let's ask ourselves, do we often live in such a way that we focus on our plans, what we can gain, what we can become, or how much we can read the Bible? Look at the example of Lucifer, he only thought like this and he fell from heaven.

Why is this? Because in the presence of God's throne and our relationship with God, such thoughts are not allowed. Why? Because God is holy and cannot have any selfish desires. Thus, such thoughts cannot exist in the heavenly relationship. Once such a condition arises, the relationship expressed by the Trinity cannot be maintained. We can see in Ezekiel 28:12 that Lucifer was created as a perfect example. He was perfect in what way? He was "full of wisdom and perfect in beauty." If a person walks out and everyone who sees him says he is completely beautiful, very beautiful, there is also one called "full of wisdom," which means he has everything. It also says that he is "full of wisdom," and where does wisdom come from? Wisdom comes from God. Therefore, Lucifer's wisdom has God's wisdom. What is God's wisdom? You must know God to have that kind of wisdom.

In such a relationship, we see in Ezekiel 28:14 that he is the anointed cherub who covers the ark of the covenant and is beside God. So none of us can know or approach God as intimately as Lucifer. But we see that even with Lucifer's wisdom and knowledge of God, he could not prevent himself from falling from heaven. Even with his perfect example, Lucifer could not prevent himself from falling from heaven. Lucifer knew God's heart and was close to God. What about us? He also knows us! He even knows our future destiny that God created for us, but he still could not prevent himself from falling from heaven.

I believe many of us have hoped that we could live before God in complete beauty, sufficiency, and wisdom from the moment we were born. However, even this cannot prevent one from falling, as the experience of Lucifer serves as a great reminder. Without understanding the experience of Lucifer, we cannot comprehend Jesus' words in the New Testament when He says, "I never knew you." Even if you cast out demons and perform miracles in my name, I do not know you.

If we do not understand Lucifer's experience, we cannot understand why Jesus spoke in such a cruel manner. When Jesus said this, we might think, "Why would He say that?" However, we must understand that when we have such private desires, we cannot maintain that relationship in heaven. We see in Ezekiel 28:13-17 that Lucifer once adorned himself with every precious stone in the Garden of Eden, including rubies, sapphires, diamonds, beryl, onyx, jasper, sardius, topaz, emerald, and gold. He also possessed beautifully crafted pipes. When he served before God, he radiated with glory and beauty. Everywhere he went, his body emitted a radiant light like a jewel.

Let me ask you a question: "Can a jewel shine by itself?" No, it cannot. How does a jewel shine then? It can only reflect light; it cannot emit light itself. Therefore, this example shows us that Lucifer could only reflect God's glory; he could not create glory. When God described him using many precious stones, it meant that God honored him, exalted him, and bestowed grace upon him. He served in a beautiful place, in the anointed and covered Ark of the Covenant, on God's holy mountain, amid shining jewels. The grace was filled with God's glory. However, he still fell. Why did he fall? According to Ezekiel 28:15, "You were perfect in your ways from the day you were created until unrighteousness was found in you. You were filled with violence because of your abundant trade and you sinned."

When Jeremiah mentioned the human mind in his book, he talked about a verse called "hope." The original meaning of hope is prosperity and flourishing. When Lucifer's life was prosperous, everything he did prospered. However, when he expressed the thought "I will exalt myself," God called this kind of thinking full of violence. When Lucifer asked for what he wanted during his prosperity, he sinned in his thoughts. Therefore, God said, "Your heart became filled with violence." From this story, we can see the point that God judges our thoughts and ideas. When such thoughts arise, God regards them as impurities that cannot abide in His presence. We may think that God's standard is too high, but the result is that Lucifer was expelled from God's holy mountain. This reminds us to pay attention to our inner thoughts. The more prosperous and glorious we become, the more we need to be vigilant. Otherwise, our fate will be like Lucifer and his angels, who were cast down together.

In Revelation 12:7-9, the great dragon is the ancient serpent, called the devil or Satan, who deceives the whole world. It was thrown down to the earth, and its angels were thrown down with it. This is a spiritual law of God. What is law? When God established Lucifer's position, those whom he represented and protected, due to their unity, fell with him. This is a spiritual law.

We know that authority is also one of the spiritual laws. When we exercise power outside the scope of authority, we must be careful. We know that Lucifer had power. Even when he was cast down to the earth and the second heaven, he still had power that no one could deny. However, what did he lose? Authority.

The example of Lucifer shows us that when his ability to operate is beyond the realm of authority, which is leaving the protection of God, we remind our brothers and sisters to pay attention to the mindset regarding their ability to operate within. If you rely more on your flesh to obtain God's abundance, you will end up with less.

Regarding authority and its bestowal, we talk about what authority is and how it is bestowed. The healing course is quite deep. For newcomers who have not listened to the previous lectures, it can be quite difficult because you don't know what was talked about before.

I pray that the Holy Spirit will work in you and enable you to understand. In Luke 10:17-20, the seventy returned with joy, saying, "Lord, even the demons are subject to us in your name!" Jesus said to them, "I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall hurt you. Nevertheless, do not rejoice in this, that the spirits are subject to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven."

So what does this authority mean? It's the authority to perform miracles. But we know that it's not because of what we can do, it's because Jesus tells us that Satan has already failed, and authority is given to us by God. It doesn't mean that we can do whatever we want. After Satan fell from heaven, we know that his power did not diminish. At the beginning of creation, God gave him certain abilities, but he lost his relationship with God. Therefore, when we see people with spiritual gifts, we immediately know that when God gives gifts to people, it doesn't necessarily mean that they are close to God. Do you understand? If they always say "I want" inside, it's easy to fall into Lucifer's experience.

But we know that if a person can exercise many spiritual gifts, others will think that this person has a good relationship with God. This is because we don't understand the truth. However, that part is only known to the individual. What kind of relationship he has with God? When his relationship with God is not good, there is anxiety inside, and a lot of anxiety comes out. When you see someone who is anxious, you understand that their relationship with God is problematic at this time. So anxiety will cause him to work hard. Why? Because he wants to express himself to others through his work. In this way, God will accept us more, and people can accept us more. So be very careful when anxiety arises.

Spiritual gifts will not be taken away. The English word for spiritual gifts is "gift", which means a gift. So don't judge the relationship between people and God based on spiritual gifts. We see many famous pastors in the world fall suddenly. Why? Because they don't have an intimate relationship with God. God is not walking with them, but their spiritual gifts still carry power. You can still see that they can heal and cast out demons. However, the power still exists, but they have lost their relationship with God.

When relationships are lost, the experience is similar to that of Lucifer. The spiritual authority we speak of must be given by God, not obtained through human effort. The spiritual authority I speak of is given to us by God, not earned through our striving. God gives us spiritual authority because He loves us, but be careful, He can also take it away. This is why when authority is revoked, Satan falls from heaven.

Satan is wise, he knows God well and he is also beautiful. His authority in heaven was to worship before God, worshiping before God is an authority, and being a leader is also an authority. As an archangel, he also had the authority to lead and serve God. But when he desired something, he lost that authority and was no longer qualified to stay before God's throne. He fell from heaven due to his loss of authority, but he did not lose his abilities.

We can see some spiritual practices, such as when you go to a fortune teller who can accurately describe your past and even know your secrets. They may also know how to block your relationship with God. These are the wisdom of Satan. Although he has not lost his abilities, he has lost his authority. He knows how to block your relationship with God, but he must wait for God's time before he can be bound. The book of Revelation says he will be bound when the time comes. It's interesting to note that Satan wants power, but does he also want authority? Yes, he does. You know that when a person once held power, do they want to regain that power again? They do. If you were a prime minister of a country, when you step down from that position, do you still have the temptation of that position? Yes, because you once had that power and know what it is like. We know that when we have authority, we can do certain things, but when we don't have it, we can't. Have you heard of the recent resignation of the British Prime Minister? When he was in power, he knew what authority was, and when he was in office, he was said to have been very bad. Why is Satan's authority sometimes greater than humans'? It's because we give him authority, we give him power. How did Satan obtain that authority?

Talking about the scope of authority, each authority has its range of uses. Is a police officer a person with authority? Yes, but can a police officer shoot at will? No, no law gives them the right to draw their gun at any time. They can only do so under certain restricted circumstances. This is an example of how every authority has a scope of use. It is the same in boxing matches. Only when the match starts can the boxer exercise their right to punch someone. Does the boxer have the ability to punch? Yes, they are very capable when throwing punches. But is it appropriate for them to exercise their authority in this particular match? No, it is not appropriate. Therefore, when exercising our abilities within the scope of authority, it is legal and we are under God's protection. However, if God has not given us the authority to do something and we still try to operate in our abilities, what will happen?

God gives us different gifts, abilities, and talents, but He gives each person something different. However, when God has not given you the authority and you try to operate in your abilities, what will happen? Let me give an example. Some churches are zealous for God and go to temples to remove idols. I have served pastors like this before. When they report to me about someone, I find out that this person has been praying and seeking God for many years about why their leg is lame. So when I prayed for him, the Holy Spirit opened up a conversation in heaven and gave me a vision. I saw the devil come before God and point out some things happening on earth. They showed that this person had been taken to many temples to pray and then I saw fire ignite and people being saved from the flames. The temple was then burned down. I understood that Satan spoke before God, saying that this person was doing something that was not within his authority. Later, I asked my colleagues to inquire about this person's situation. It turned out that this was the reason for his illness. When we are zealous for God, but don't discern properly, we often blame the devil's attack. What we were talking about earlier was the scope of authority. When we exercise our abilities outside of our authority, we leave God's protection because God has not given us specific authority in that matter.

So, the attitude towards exercising authority is important. When Satan was cast down, he had the ability but lost his authority. He could no longer live in a relationship with the triune God because of his desires and violence. He began to corrupt not only himself but also God's creation, plans, and destinies, leading to his loss of authority. Losing authority meant that he fell from heaven and could no longer walk before the throne of God.

What does God's creation include? It includes spiritual laws and worldly laws. Corrupting God's creation means corrupting the world and corrupting people. Through corrupting people, Satan can gain the authority he desires. In Genesis 1, when God created man, He gave man the authority to manage and govern everything on earth. This is the spiritual authority that God gave to man. According to spiritual laws, when man corrupts, he naturally gives up his authority. By corrupting, he can give his authority to Satan. Thus, God slowly takes back man's authority, which means that Satan takes away the glory that man was supposed to reflect from God.

How can we obtain this authority? By seizing the authority of the world and people. What was the purpose of God making man fill the earth? Through man's manifestation of God's glory, man would fill the earth. What is our identity? We are children of God. When people give up their authority, they can no longer live in their identity as sons and daughters. They lose this identity because managing and governing the world is their authority, and they were originally above the world. You have the right to govern and manage, so you are above the earth. When you corrupt, the earth also corrupts.

When we become corrupt, the book of Amos mentions many scriptures that speak of the earth having sinkholes and large pits. Why? It's because of human corruption and fall. How are humans related to the earth? Our original order was to manage the earth, which was placed under our control, but when we became corrupt, everything beneath us also became corrupt, and the earth was cursed as a result. Why? Because humans were cursed. In Genesis, it is said that the earth began to deteriorate from the beginning. In just a few verses of Genesis, it already talks about the current state of our living conditions, and how we lost our authority. It all began with Adam and Eve.

As we grow up, our ancestors and culture have already given Satan authority, and we have already lost some spiritual authority even before we are born. Even in the womb, due to our parents' life issues, we choose what kind of reactions we make. If we choose injustice, we lose that portion of spiritual authority in some aspects that God originally intended for us. When we accept salvation, one of the purposes is to regain the authority we have lost, but it's not something we can take back all at once. Why? Because since the beginning of creation, that authority was lost during the time of Adam and Eve, and our ancestors lost even more. Our culture has also caused us to lose much authority, and our weakness in life has caused us to lose even more authority. Therefore, after receiving salvation, we still need to regain our authority.

Let's pray. In our lives, we know that after receiving salvation, there are still many authorities that need to be regained. It's not something we can take back all at once because it involves many of our decisions. How do we choose? Our decisions will either cause our authority to be lost in the hands of the enemy or be returned to our own lives. Let's come before God together. I hope you can open your heart and say to God, "Lord, please enlighten me. In my life, let's take a look at how many decisions we have made, and how many of those decisions are not in line with Your will. Please help me in time to take back the spiritual authority that I have lost.” So, what is spiritual authority? As we just shared, our spiritual authority includes those parts where we cannot truly know the truth of God, so much so that we cannot live it out.

In this section, we have regained the help of God that we once lost, in order to receive healing and not just any healing, but to also begin to receive authority. This is because Jesus paid the price for you and me on the cross, and we can take back what belongs to us. Once you take back what belongs to you, the enemy will find it harder to attack you in that area, especially when you choose to live within God's realm.

When you decide to take back your authority, you determine how much you want to take back from the enemy's hand, and how much you want to live in the presence and protection of God. Each person needs to individually seek God and be still in His presence. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal which authority you have lost in your life. What parts have you lost that were once abundant in the Garden of Eden? Lord, I have discovered that when you talk about abundance, there are areas in my life where I have not experienced it. When you talk about our intimate relationship, I desire to know you more closely. Therefore, God, I need to take back that lost authority, that part that was lost in the Garden of Eden. Lord, I ask for your help and guidance. How can I take back what was once mine? How can I become more obedient to your will?

If I simply obey the spiritual laws, I will naturally reflect your glory. Lord, I don't fully understand this truth. I come before you in repentance and ask you to shine your light on me. There are spiritual laws that I cannot obey, which cause my life to be in disarray, like breaking the laws of nature. These things have caused my life to be ruined, with brokenness and many unfortunate things, even disasters that have caused my life to be damaged. There are debts in my family that need to be resolved, Lord, I need to take back this part of my authority. I will no longer give it to Satan, the enemy. Lord, I know that you have given me salvation and paid the price for me on the cross so that I can reclaim what belongs to me.

Lord, because my parents do not understand the laws of God and the spiritual laws that come with the lifestyle they brought into my life, I ask for your help in regaining my rights in this area. Lord, in this area, I cannot even recognize the reasons for my losses. This is why my life has many losses. Lord, I also ask you to enlighten me so that I can understand how to return to God and regain that authority in this area. If anyone has any revelations or sees any pictures, thinks of anything, or has any thoughts in their hearts, thank God. I hope you all go back and deal with the people and things that appear in your hearts in this area. You need to come and deal with it. You will have a month to handle it. I will come back next month, and we will still be on this topic.

In Ephesians 1:7, God chose us in Christ from the beginning of creation to be holy and without blemish before Him. We see that from the beginning of creation, Christ chose us not only Adam and Eve but also chose us to be without blemish and holy. When you see that God honors us and says that we are holy and without blemish, what is the true relationship between us and God? Why did God create humans in His image? Why did He make us like Him? Because of love, He wants to make us like Him.

Why do you want to have children? Why do you need one more person in your family? To have a relationship of love, we need to establish a relationship. The extra sons and daughters are a kind of family relationship, and all people have relationships with each other. Let us be like Him so that we can have a loving relationship. The Triune God is to respect and elevate each other, only thinking of each other's interests. When I first became a Christian, I often heard the church say that God created us to glorify Him. At first, I was resistant because I thought God was selfish. He created us for His benefit. But when you understand that truth more and more, you will know that God did not create us just to obtain that glory, but to enjoy a relationship of love and to enjoy God's glory. We cannot create that glory, but we can reflect that glory.

When we don't respect others and don't benefit from good relationships with them, we may feel that others look down on us or hurt us. In this situation, we are likely to react by saying "God, I love you so much, I will do everything to make you accept me." The key to the relationship between humans and God is to live in the security of being loved. When God breathed into Adam, what was Adam's first reaction? Adam opened his eyes, and when he took in the breath of life, the abundance of life came. At that moment, God had already given us all abundance, as John 10:10 says, "I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." So where does abundance come from? It comes from God. What is the spiritual abundance? Peace, joy, acceptance, affirmation, respect, and love. At this point, we are completely included. Genesis 1:26 says, "Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground." Verse 27 says, "So God created mankind in his image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them." When God created us, we could enjoy a relationship with Him. What kind of relationship? The relationship between children and a father. What metaphor does the Bible use? Being naked and unashamed. What does it mean to be naked before God? It means that when we stand before God, we are not worried that He will say we are not good enough, we are not worried about how He sees us, or where we fall short.

When Adam and Eve were not yet in sin, the relationship between humans and God was completely characterized by love and honor, with God elevating them and accepting them unconditionally. They could not even conceive of having any flaws because of the mutual love they shared. In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve enjoyed a relationship that was abundant in love and acceptance. They only thought about how much God loved and accepted them, and how they could respond to Him. Their focus was solely on each other. If we don't understand this, we won't understand the kind of life God wants us to live. Eventually, Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. God came into the garden, but when they heard His voice, they hid themselves in shame. Shame came in and they covered themselves with fig leaves. In the Bible, God did not say, "I have come to punish you." Did God know that they had sinned? Yes, but He did not stop them because God values our free will. When we understand this, we can understand the story of the prodigal son in the Gospel of Luke. Our heavenly Father is like the father in the story, waiting eagerly for his son to return home. He did not choose to force his son to return. He honored his son's free will and even gave him his inheritance. This shows us the love our Heavenly Father has for us. In Genesis, when the events in the Garden of Eden occurred, God knew they had sinned, but He entered the garden in the hope of restoring their hearts and their relationship. The Trinity relationship requires mutual honor and upliftment. God wanted to restore their relationship to what it had been before. However, when Adam and Eve heard God's voice, they quickly hid themselves because they knew something was wrong. Fear came in, and they covered themselves with fig leaves. But in reality, we can live in a relationship with God and with others that are open and not guarded, where there is complete transparency, because God has given us such an example. We will stop here today.

Prayer: Actually, we can be completely unguarded with each other as human beings, but we are taught from birth to be cautious of certain relationships and certain people because there are traps and harm there, and we become afraid. Today we want to start building an unguarded relationship with God. We tell the Lord that we are willing to open ourselves to God, no matter what happens, and we will come before God and open ourselves up. We are willing to believe that God will not reject us. We don't just believe in God with our minds, but we believe in our hearts that God will accept us and protect us forever. This protection is not just a verbal promise, but a real belief in our hearts that no matter who we fall into the hands of, or what kind of relationship we are in, God will surely protect us. Lord, we come before you again, open ourselves up once more, and choose to be unguarded with you. We confess that many times when we come before God, we are skeptical and even feel that you love others more than us. We feel that God does not love us or accept us because, in our life experiences, we do not believe that people can accept us. We have a lot of anxiety inside, so we also feel that God does not accept us because we have been hurt, rejected, and humiliated by others. Therefore, when we come before God, we naturally put people's attitudes toward us into the ministry, and in certain situations, we also feel that God does not accept us or love us in that situation. If any of us are in this situation, we come before God and ask God to shine a light on us, reminding us of these things that have happened in our lives. We get angry with God because we feel that our current environment is not as good as others, we get angry with God because we feel that everything we have experienced is not as good as others. If we have this kind of heart and want to repent before God, so that we can enter into that unguarded relationship, and live out a relationship of mutual respect and honor, Amen.