Global Prophecy 74: Prophecy of 2024, the Final Great Revival will ignite in New Zealand, the land of the rising sun; the Era of Change, Industry Reset, a New Round of Challenges, and the Worldwide Alliance.

2024 Kingdom of God Prophecy:

by Ming

The Lord will roar from Zion and thunder from Jerusalem;  the earth and the heavens will tremble. But the Lord will be a refuge for his people, a stronghold for the people of Israel. (Joel 3:16)

1. When there is no hope in the world, we can have a future and hope with God. In 2024, Joseph gave five times the blessings to Benjamin in Egypt as much as his brothers. This year, God's people will have five times the blessings.

Year 5784: 5: grace; 7: perfection; 80: mouth; 4: door. It means: that God’s grace perfectly puts God’s words in our mouths and opens the door of future opportunities for us. New doors of opportunities open. Five prophetic doors will be opened in the Council of God in 5784/2024: the open door of victory and destiny of kingship in heaven; the door of the temple from which rivers of glory flow; the door of opportunity that no one can close; the ancient city gate of revival in the city/region where it is located; and the gate of wealth and blessing in Joseph's granary.

2. Technology and innovation are the driving forces in 2024.

It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, (Revelation 13:16)

Big data in the past few years has created a worldwide system for monitoring every transaction we make.

3. Staying away from biblical teachings leads to changes in values, moral corruption, and social degradation, which is exactly what is being fulfilled:

And pray that we may be delivered from wicked and evil people, for not everyone has faith.  But the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen you and protect you from the evil one. We have confidence in the Lord that you are doing and will continue to do the things we command.  May the Lord direct your hearts into God’s love and Christ’s perseverance. (2 Timothy 3:2-5)

4. In 2024, not only will the world influence (invasions) the church, but more churches will be secularized and enter the world. These changes will be shocking. The pleasure-oriented church will lead people to the world. We must ensure that we are not influenced by the world that is trying to mold us into what it is, both in belief systems and in ideologies.

5. God has set a timetable for the end times; reset and end-time great revival are being born in this season; the boundaries between good and evil are being clearly drawn.

I had a dream that didn’t end in 2020, on the early morning of December 5, 2023, the second part of the dream was revealed to me. The beginning of the dream featured the voice of an archangel shouting: "Australia is about to be revived! Australia is about to be revived!" Then I saw a very big house with many rooms in it. God tells us what we need to do to get rid of the dark forces that are blocking Australia’s final great revival. . . (The parts involving the strategies and plans given by God are omitted and are temporarily hidden.) The big table in the room is covered with drawings and spiritual maps. We are talking about some strategies and plans on how to change this area.

After finishing the previous incident, another scene shows up in the dream, we appear in the house where a pastor's wife Linda lives. But shouldn’t Mrs. Linda live in New Zealand? How do you say it's Australia's revival? At this time, I heard the voice of the archangel shouting: "Australia and New Zealand are about to be revived!" (The part involving the strategies and plans given by God is omitted and is temporarily hidden)

The dream mentioned a title of a piece of real estate. When we came to New Zealand in 2020, someone mentioned that this land title had been taken by the New Zealand government and dark principalities using deceptive methods. The title(contract) turned out to be irretrievable indefinitely. At that time, I felt deeply sorry for it; however, this dream in December 2023 was about the same land title. Due to what God has done in Australia and New Zealand, and because of our desire for God and love for the souls, in the spiritual realm, the terms of this contract have actually been changed. It will expire in one or two years.  We can take back the property through formal and legal procedures. If we get rid of these dark altars that hinder revival, we will usher in the final great revival of New Zealand. Now is the time for us to prepare. As the island in the east, New Zealand is the first place to see the sunrise. Although the specific date of revival in these two countries has not been revealed to me, we hope that God, the Father, will bring the end-time revival fire to Australia and New Zealand according to His will.

6. The wars caused by the Russian-Ukrainian war and the Israeli-Palestinian war will cause more countries to be involved and they will form more alliance teams and pick their side; there will be another war break out between countries in 2024; local or regional war conflicts will increase, and the world situation will move towards Ezekiel 38 one step closer.

7. In 2024, the chaos in the Middle East will continue, and some old terrorist forces will make a comeback, such as the Islamic State forces (ISIS)

8. The global oil crisis and energy crisis still exist, causing regional economic inflation to continue; the economic winter in 2024 will still plague all countries, large corporation groups will continue to lay off employees, debt crises occur frequently, poverty will once again hit countries, and the economy and business in many fields will need more than 10 years of buffering and respite to recover again.

9. Extreme weather has disrupted supply chains, causing most countries to experience famine, soaring prices, and food crises; while new virus variants and ecological crises are also taking over human territory, and unemployment has increased significantly.

10. After 2024, a multinational system alliance with global influence, unparalleled and huge control will rise; through technology, trade, interconnection, interoperability, and geopolitics, a governance system that tends to unify the world will emerge.

11. Many industries will be reset in 2024, such as traditional education, agriculture, literature, books, furniture, and clothing, and many other industries will encounter the challenges of artificial intelligence and resource integration; the global shift to a sustainable diet, plant-based food, and new diet will bring about changes in the cooking industry innovation.

12. In 2024, the new political pattern of regime change after general elections in more than 70 countries will lead to social instability, reduced employment opportunities, poverty, economic inequality, changes in many countries, and internal unrest.

13. The political policies tend to be more conservative in  Europe. Chaotic situations keep happening in European countries, and the serious economic crisis facing Europe will be particularly obvious in 2024.

14. Due to high foreign debt and low foreign reserves, political disorder, economic problems and chaotic livelihoods of people will occur after 2024. This will affect Afghanistan, Argentina, Egypt, Laos, Myanmar, Pakistan, Turkey, and Zimbabwe; the lack of necessities such as electricity, tap water, and food supply chains will put these countries in trouble.

15. In 2024, the banking, securities, investment, and financial industries will usher in transformational changes and shocks. The banking and financial industries that cannot transform immediately will be eliminated and shaken; while digital currency is developing rapidly, digital or cryptocurrency allows humans to redefine wealth, privacy, and power.

16. The layout of the world economy towards digitization and decentralization will subvert and refresh our understanding of the banking and financial industries; the call for a unified digital economy is greater and greater, as establishing a global digital currency, simplifying transactions and creating a universally accepted economic system is becoming more and more popular.

17. In our lives, the virtual world and the distortion of human nature will be huge challenges we face; the young generation urgently needs direction in terms of psychological issues, values issues, and education issues. However, the challenge lies in the balance between going to work and being a good person. A large number of modern young people would rather choose to "go to incense burning"; the spiritual awareness movement is very popular, manipulating and controlling the unknown doors (portals) on the earth.

18. Artificial intelligence is beginning to appear everywhere, not only rewriting people's daily lives but also transforming our industries: medicine, hospitals, securities markets, home life, etc.; at the same time, artificial intelligence creates new industries, such as making the services industry more personalized.

19. Autonomous driving will lead to changes in the transportation industry that will reshape our cities and redefine our jobs while also challenging road safety.

20. The aerospace industry will undergo a transformation in 2024. Visionary billionaires and private entrepreneurs will participate in areas such as satellite launch and space travel, and the government will no longer be the only participant. Global Internet coverage provides conditions for the industrialization of space occupation and exploration of interstellar life.

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