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Signs of the End Times, Part II - Rebuilding of the Holy Temple

In the first three and a half years of one seven, Israel will rebuild the Holy Temple and restore the sacrifice.

(Dan. 9:27) "He will confirm a covenant with many for one ‘seven.’ In the middle of the ‘seven’ he will put an end to sacrifice and offering. And at the temple he will set up an abomination that causes desolation, until the end that is decreed is poured out on him.”

We know God has already set up seventy 'sevens' for Jerusalem. After sixty nine 'sevens', "The people of the ruler who will come will destroy the city and the sanctuary." Just as the prophecy said, Jerusalem and the holy temple was destroyed in 70 A.C. But there is still one seven: "In the middle of the ‘seven’ he will put an end to  sacrifice and offering. " That is the final seven years in the book of

Revelation. If there's no the holy temple, Israelites are not possible to have sacrifice and offering, because the only place they offer sacrifice is in the holy temple. In the Scripture, it says "In the middle of the ‘seven’ he will put an end to sacrifice and offering," that indicates that sacrifice and offering have been restored, which means the holy temple has been rebuilt. Therefore, the holy temple must be rebuilt to fulfill the the prophecy.

In 2 Thessalonians Chapter 2, the rebuilding of the holy temple is also predicted: "......the man of lawlessness is revealed, the man doomed to destruction.  He will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called God or is worshiped, so that he sets himself up in God’s temple, proclaiming himself to be God." (2 Ts. 2:3-4)

When Bible mentioned the Temple, the Temple was connected with Anti-Christ. When the Temple is constructed, Anti-Christ will appear. Bible calls him as “Big Criminal” and “The Son of Destruction”.When he appears, he will perform two events. First, he will ask all people to worship him. He raises his position to the highest position so that he can be worshiped by people. Second, he calls himself as “God”sitting in God’s temple.

If the Temple is not built, this “Anti-Christ”will not call himself as God, sitting in the Temple. The Temple becomes the stage for “Anti-Christ”to appear. The Temple can not be constructed unless Irael becomes a country. Now that Israelites have rebuilt their contry in1948, the next step is building the Temple. If “Anti-Christ”is going to sit in God’s temple and call himself as God in the future, the Temple must be reconstructed according to the prediction of Bible. The reestablishment of Israel’s country has brought Christ Jesus to the threshold of the world, now they just lack the construction of the Temple.

However if they want to rebuild the Temple, Israelites have to face the following problems:

˙Taking back the old site of the Temple;

˙Establishing the organization to research how to rebuild the Temple and rehabilitate offering sacrifice;

˙Collecting the money for constructing the Temple and preparing the materials;

˙Making holy tools;

˙Picking and training the priests;

˙Sewing the clothes of the priests;

˙Purifying the priests;

˙Searching for the ark of the convenant and other things of the Temple;

˙Constructing the Temple;

˙Preparing the necessities of giving sacrifice;

˙Restoring offering sacrifice.

The Materials for Rebuilding the Temple Are Prepared Completely

Isralites have already set up the committee of building the temple, picked up and trained the priests as the preparation of the Temple.They also have collected more than one hundred million US dollars as the use of building the Temple.

In 1995, a committee of the institute “Charmanlichman”rabbi illustrated this “Our direct relationship with God lies in the Temple. In the Temple, the containers of use are 93 types in total, so far we have finished makingabout  sixty kinds, and they are the original types that God told Moses, complicate details and the requirement of Jews laws, made from gold, silver and copper. Among the 93 types of the containers the ark of the convenant is not included,because we have already known where the real ark of the convenant is, it is remained without any defect on the mountain of the Temple; the time is coming, we will take it to the new Temple.”

It is said that so far ( in 2000) about eighty kinds of the containers of the Temple have been made.

In 1990, an American farmer ClydLott has begun to get in touch with the laboratory of the Temple, and tried to cultivate Red Heifers for them. In 1994 ClydeLott has cultivated a Red Heifer successfully.

Why do they need Red Heifers for building the Temple? In Bible (Numbers 18:1-6) it says that: “But the firstling of a cow thou shalt not redeem. ……, and shalt burn their fat for an offering made by fire.” Therefore Red Heirfers are the neccissities for offering sacrifice in the Temple.

Is The Ark of The Convenant in The Cave of Mountain Golgotha?

On August 23rd in 2010 it reported that Ron Wyatt, not only a famous archeologist but a pious Chritian, an archeologist of Bible, claimed that he had known the ark of the covenant was hidden in the cave Yelimia of Golgotha through the strong touchment of Holy Spirit on Jan 6th in 1982, and that he had found the secret place for hiding the ark of the covenant successfully. He said that the position of the ark of the covenant was the place where Jesus had been cruxified, twenty feets under the ground. In the cave, in addition to the ark of the covenant, he also found the other containers used in the Temple, including the desk of Holy bread, golden lamp stands and golden censers so on.

He said that he had met four angels in the secret place of the cave where the ark of the covenant had been hidden. One of the angels told him that they were sent to protect the ark of the covenant, and that from the day on when Moses had put the Holy Board of Ten Commandments they had been protecting the ark of the covenant.

The Archeologist Claimed That He Had Found The Ark of The Covenant Lost For 2500 Years in Israel And Found The Blood of Jesus.

When Ron Wyatt found the secret place where the ark of the covenant was hidden successfully, and found the trace of the blood on a crack above the secret place, what surprised us was that connecting this crack with the external place was just the place where Jesus’s cross had been set up. Ron claimed that he found the dry bloodstain of Jesus on the left hand of the ark mercy seat. These blood dripped on the mercy seat through a crack of the rock wall just above the ark of the covenant. He said that the angle who had talked with him before commanded him to take a few dry bloodstain from the mercy seat and to take it to the laboratory to be assayed. Hence he did according to the angel’s command and took a few dry blood.

The angel also commanded him to set up the camera he had taken, in order to record God’s ark of the covenant and the two Holy Boards of Ten Commandments put in the ark of the covenant. Then the four angels lifted up the mercy seat of the ark of the covenant and asked Ron to take out the Holy Board. Hence he took out the Holy Board in the ark of the covenant according to the angel’s words. The whole process was recorded by his camera, including the four angels.

However the angel told him that he can not show the video in public now because God’s time has not come yet. He has to wait until the law which forces people to have the mark of the beast is passed, the video can be shown in public then.

Ron said that he took the dry bloodstain from the mercy seat to the laboratory of Israel and let the bloodstain assayed. When he asked the worker in the laboratory to make chromosome test for the dry bloodstain, that worker told him that he did not have to waste his money, and that dry blood was dead blood and that dead blood could not be detected with the chromosome. However because of the persistency of Ron, the worker tested the dry blood for him. A few days later when the worker was testing the dry blood, he suddenly found that the blood was not dead blood but living  surprisedly. There were 24 chromosomes in the blood.

 …… “ When I went back the place again, they took it out and observed it with the microscope. Then a technical staff called another technical staff and asked the person in charge to come. They disccussed in Hebrew for a while and they said,looking at me, “Mr Wyatt, the blood of this person only has 24 chromosomes.”

“ Every one of us has 46 chromosomes, 23 ones come from Father and 23 ones come from Mother;among them 22 autosomes come from Mother and 22 autosomes come from Father. X chromosome is from Mother and Y chromosome is from Father. The blood only has 23 chromosomes from Mother, the chromosomes only from one side. All of you know that children will not be formed if they only have the maternal chromosomes. Therefore all the features of the body of the master of the blood are decided through maternal autosomes. The reason for the person not having the masculine genetic factors is that the person does not have any relationship with mankind.”

“ Then they said: ‘ The blood is living.’ And I said: The Master of the blood is Messiah.” Ron Wyatt cried that the master of the blood was Messiah.

Wyatt Archaeological Research [Full Presentation]

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