Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The Cities of Refuge

Thank the Lord that we knew a sister Ms. Huang through our friend. Through her, we realized some works that God would like to do at the end time. It’s a long story to meet this sister. On the final week when we were gonna leave Taiwan, we fought out by incident that one sister of the church in Canada, her nephew also lives in Taiwan. And her nephew introduced his friend to us, and this friend also introduced Ms. Huang to us.  Ms. Huang worked in a coffee shop located in Neihu of Taipei City. That place was far from ours, however we were touched very much to meet her. It was not easy that we with two kids finally met her 3 days before we left Taiwan in a free time.

Ms. Huang shared with us she received that God want she to participate in some works at the end time – cities of refuge.  We already knew in Canada that there are some places all over the world that God chose to be cities of refuge, nevertheless we still didn’t learn from anyone about that massage.  Now we were excited to find out a maidservant who was touched by God to prepare cities of refuge.  Ms. Huang had ever been to Israel to attend the 72 hours prayer meeting for many times. One day when she was praying by the lake in Israel, she was touched to buy a house in the neighbor country of Israel in order to get prepared and save Jews out of the great disaster in Israel. That’s because Jews will suffer from unprecedentedly hard trials in the great disaster.  To be exact, Jews will be arranged in the house in the neighbor country. Afterward, they will be led to escape to China via waterway. It’s amazing that God touched her not to go via land, but via undesired waterway to China. When we heard the sharing of Ms. Huang, we were quite shocked and excited. One reason was that we surprised the end time is just in front of us, and the locations of cities of refuge were already chosen and ready. The second is that we were excited to know the person who had received the message from God. Furthermore, we were so touched that we heard such sharing and understood God chose Chinese people to participate in the work of saving Jews at the end time.

Ms. Huang said “this is the destiny God gives her.”

At the same time, she also said she knows a sister who is professional in fashion design, and who also received the vision of cities of refuge. God touched her to go to a province in China and build a city of refuge so that it can hide Jews who escape out of great disaster in Israel.  One night she received a picture in her dream, but she didn’t know what that is. When she drew that picture to her friend, her friend immediately recognized it’s a construction profile of a city. The profile was quite professional and detailed, including the drainage system. It’s interesting that when this sister took the picture to her friend, she put the picture upside down. It was true that the picture was revealed to her by God, because she can’t event figure out the picture. God touched the sister to build a city of refuge, however she became hesitated and uneasy.  She thought she is just a weak female and doesn’t know anyone in China and has no power and influence, how could she be possible to build a city in China? That’s really incredible! Nevertheless, With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible. After the sister obeyed God’s will and went to a town in China, she fought out that God had got every person, material and everything ready to build a city. It is true that to obey is better than sacrifice, because some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God. If the cities of refuge are prepared, you can think how close we are to the second coming of Lord.

The receiving from God of Ms. Huang is to help the chosen Jews to escape from Israel before the great disaster and to lead them via waterway to the city of refuge that is built in China. God binds everybody who is chosen in order to work for the Kingdom of God.

One day before we left Taiwan, we seemed so busy to get ready to take the plane. But we still met Ms. Huang again and we shared and prayed. When Ms. Huang came to our place and we prayed together, the Holy Spirit came to us to fill each of us. We can’t stop weeping and we were so glad God was pleased that we bound together and prayed. My husband was touched by the Holy Spirit to pray for Ms. Huang about the escape journey from Israel to China. And the prayer had some prophetic message which touched us very much. Ms. Huang said “this prayer again proves her calling and destiny of God. Before we said goodbye, we gave a little gift to Ms. Huang. Unexpectedly, when Ms. Huang received the gift, she choked with sobs and made us not know what to do. Actually, the little gift……
The story made us thank the Lord for His amazing work, which He binds His workers together at the end times and made us encourage each other, in order to join in the wonderful salvation at the end times.

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