Monday, 20 April 2015

Global Prophecy 22

Hong Kong:

March 5th 2015 while on the plane flying to Hong Kong from Toronto
Vision 1, I saw a vision in which a piece of land has green vegetable grown on it. However, soils of the land turned from rich dark color representing fertile soils with abundant nutrients to greyish yellow color representing infertile soils devoid of nutrients and water due to excessive uses. I heard voices of the Holy Spirit, saying the vision concerns the future of Hong Kong. (I didn’t understand, so I asked for clarification and another vision came into my mind).

A chain (mixed with gold, silver, bronze, iron and clay) linked to a sea port. One end of the chain is linked to Hong Kong and the other is linked to a giant rock. Behind the giant rock are many sea port cities with the name “world sea port” written on the rock. A big hand appeared in the sky holding a hammer and smashed on both the chain and the rock repeatedly. Finally, the rock disintegrated and the chain was broken. I then heard a voice, saying the vision represents the future of sea trade in the next 5 years and desolate sea port cities.

My interpretation: In the next 5 years, Hong Kong will become a desolate sea port city.


March 11th 2015

Vision 2, these are all separate visions.

I saw in the vicinity of a Pacific island, a dormant volcano erupted. It is a large dormant volcano. The volcano is situated at the bottom of the southern Pacific Ocean. A new island is created as the undersea volcano erupted.
A star streaked by in parallel with the sun. It is a large burning meteorite coming down from the sky.
In June, during Thailand’s rainy season, a flood occurs. This results in exacerbation of food shortage in the world.
A year with chaotic seasons and a female president appears in North America.


April 20th 2015 at dawn, a vision

Flooding in the Yangtze River at NanJing. The flood destroys roads and low-lying bridges.


Dream: It concerns the spiritual state of Israel

I saw a dark place with old, dilapidated houses, knowing those were used by enemies like during the Second World War. I had an urge to pray. So, I knelt down in the direction of one of the buildings and started to pray for God’s mercy to Israel because I know the Lord has always been with the Jewish nation. I forgot about the actual words of prayer but it is along the line of praying for Israel’s return to God’s house. Then, an Israeli man came before me. He said with hopelessness and frustration to me that there is no need to pray for Israel because God would not listen and save the nation. This is because Israel is in “Jordan” which refers to the name of dark, evil authority. Israel is in Devil’s hands.

After hearing what the Israeli man said to me, I felt pain like knife cutting my heart as drops of tear streamed down. I still knelt facing the same direction and prayed to the Lord. I prayed to God, saying “I know you haven’t forsaken Israel because you are always with them, looking after them. Israel has not turned back to you because the nation is still mired in sin. As I looked in the direction of a building, it slowly became a church as if time turned backward and the building returned back to what it was before.

The 2nd Dream

At daytime, a group of people and I came to a place with all kinds of props (like that of a setting from a film /movie production). Suddenly, an image came into my mind: a group of people following three angels attempts to cross a river called the Jordan River. My feeling was the river represents a region. Once one crosses the river, the group of people and angels then can enter a city which represents finding protection in God.

I saw three angels flying in the sky and one was shot down to the ground. Then he was followed by the second and third angel. The third angel brought with him a cloud as he was shot down from the sky and dropped into the Jordan River.  My interpretation is the angels being shot down are angels protecting Israel.

So, the group of people with the angels can safely cross the river. Once over the river, the people can then enter the city. The last image which I saw fixated on the cloud attached to the angel’s golden wings as the angel was shot down. My interpretation for the vision concerns Israel in the last days when the enemy strikes the nation 3 times. Then, the remnant flees Israel.

My interpretations for the two dreams that I had relate to Israel’s condition now as well as in the future. If anybody has a call from the Lord concerning Israel, please pray for the nation.

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