1.3.3 Vision (II) - Leaning on Him All the Way

1.3.3 異象 (二) 一路靠著祂

Speaker: Yu Jiang


Our sharing time invites sister Yu Jiang to come up, we welcome! She drove from Quebec and arrived last night. Do you need a translator? No need. Okay, we will speak Chinese. Today her subject is vision, I do not know from what angle she will look, or what her approximate content is, thank God, we give this glory to the Lord, Hallelujah!

Yu Jiang’s sermon:

Peace with Brothers and sisters also with the brothers and sisters who are online right now. Very happy I came back here, see a lot of old friends and new friends. I am very happy. Let ’s does a prayer first, shall we? Dear Abba Father, what joy, what satisfaction, we are all your children, we come to your throne of grace in the name of Jesus, we call Father, we want to seek your face and Your glory, we want to understand Your intentions, we must meet You in Your love, and bless us for the following time. The Lord Jesus I ask for your blood to come again to cleanse my heart and my soul, my mind, my mouth, and my tongue are all dedicated to You. The Holy Spirit fills us and runs among us. The Lord shows us your will and leads us to move forward and pray in the name of Jesus, amen!

Well, great. When the brother was in the sharing of time, I thought about a dialogue between me and God more than ten years ago. When I prayed that day, God told me: Do not worry about your lack, the only thing you have to worry about is whether you are aligned with God ’s intentions. Then say: If you are aligned with the mind of God, you have all the resources in heaven and earth available. I was shocked at that time, I said who am I? How can I have all the resources in the whole heaven and earth, God, who am I? unbelievable. But this way, God once again revealed to us again and again, it really is like this, when we are aligned with the mind of God, God mobilizes all things for us, so this APP software sees God so wonderful As something that makes brothers seem terrible to people, oh my god, how come I encountered such an unlucky thing when I served You? Actually, it is really not that, it is God's special grace, it is God who can trust you, and gives you this task.

Then God also loves the End time ministries. Why do we love the last ministries? Because the last ministry is aligned with God's will, God mobilizes everything to work for us. God wants to help us to fulfill His call to us, to our destiny, to help us achieve the vision in our hearts, this is our topic today. So, the vision is very, very important, it is about whether you are successful in your whole life, it is about where you are and where you are in the whole eternity. So, I think that the image of the last ministry that Brother John Jin gave last week was too good. After listening to it, I felt it was not enough. I listened again, and then I felt that it was not enough. I sent it to our group, I said Everyone listens, this helps each of you understand why you are here? Why did you join this ministry?

I believe that whether you are here or online, it is definitely not accidental for you to have access to this information. You thought it was a coincidence, you thought it was accidentally encountered, and you thought that you accidentally clicked on the audio room, it was not, it was God who brought you. Then we have to think about why God brought me here? I didn't even know this group of people before. Why did I establish a relationship and establish a connection with this group of people? Why? All because of a very glorious call from heaven.

I still remember a few years ago, I went to Yale University to attend the graduation ceremony of my classmate ’s daughter ’s law school graduate, because at that time Yale was in my life, wow this is a great school, oh yeah Yale Law School, the world Many famous people came from that law school, so when I heard that my classmate ’s daughter graduated there and invited us to observe the ceremony, I said okay to open my vision, right? Good experience, so I went. After going there, there was a huge parade in that process, which was very spectacular, and then there were various people speaking.

But what impressed me the most is the dean of Yale Law School. He encouraged those students who will go to the society. He said, I want to tell you that it is indispensable in your future life. There are three things, the first is knowledge, the second is vision, and the third is confidence. He said that all of what you have experienced in being equipped at school is to grow yours? Knowledge. But you just have enough knowledge, what else must you have? Vision. In fact, I think it is a dream in our vernacular, your goal, right? The direction of your efforts, and you want to set in that place, then you have knowledge, you also have goals, and vision, so what do you need? Confidence.

In other words, what will you encounter in this process? Tough, you may fail, you may be discouraged or even desperate, but if you have this confidence in your heart, you believe that as long as you work hard, as long as you persist, as long as you seek again, you will eventually reach This vision. I think this person is so wise, so when Ming gave me a vision of the subject, I knelt down and I asked God, God, what should I say? Then I felt that He told me to lean on Him all the way. It means that this vision came from God. So, if we want to achieve this vision, it seems really difficult to rely on ourselves, we all have experience ourselves, and we want to give up many times. But God said don’t give up, and if you lean on Him all the way, you will be able to achieve this vision, and you will be able to respond to God ’s call, and God will mobilize everything to help you get into that position, amen?

Okay, let ’s takes a look at Proverbs 29:18, the first half of verse 18A. The Bible says that “where there is no visionary, the people perish”. So, what is "where there is no vision, the people perish." In English? Die! It's not just that it's so arrogant, it ’s death, then I was thinking, why do people say that people will die without vision? Then at this time a verse appeared in my heart, that is, those people said Lord, Lord, I am not preaching in Your name, Healing in your name, driving out ghosts in Your name, and doing this in Your name. Well, but what does the Lord say? I don't know you, you evil people leave me. Oh, I thought my Gosh. This question is quite critical, it is about life and death.

It means that sometimes we may be very enthusiastic. God, I want to do this for You, God, I want to do that for You, but do, do, do. One day when we face God, God says, I don’t know You, and you are doing evil, are we doing evil for others to treat sickness and demons? Am I doing evil for others? Think about it, why does the Lord say I do not know you? I thought of a word Rebellion thatsaid in a sermon. What did she say rebellion? I do not know if I have spoken among you? What do you say is rebellion? Disobedience, yes, is rebellion, what else?

This sentence shocked me deeply. The teacher Ming said at the time, what did she say rebellious? That is, when your heart and mind are different from God's, it is rebellion. I said oh my god, then I often rebellious. Because many times I find that what I think is really different from what God thinks, the more I feel that each of us really has to take a good look at our hearts every day, and every one of us must know every day that what is God ’s intentions for us , what does He want to say to me today, what does He want me to do today, we must understand, and try hard to adjust our own mind, how? Align with Him, so that we will not perish, so that we will have visions.

So, we think that the dean of Yale Law School, what vision is he talking about? He set it up himself, right? Or is it generally accepted in society, right? Or your relatives and friends, your elders set it for you, right? Okay, he said it was a vision. So, what is the vision we are talking about today? prophetic vision, prophetic, what is prophetic? This is from God. So, this is a vain without a vision. In fact, there is a version in different English versions. This vision is a prophetic vision. This is very clear to tell you that we as God ’s people, we as Christians, we What is the vision? Is it my own preference? Is it my own goal? None, what is it? God gave you.

Then I went to check the original text, vision, what does its original Hebrew text mean? I think it's fun. The first one is a vision (in a trance state). In my trance state, I think of the book of Ephesians, saying you do not get drunk but you are filled with the Holy Spirit. See if that drunk It's a bit in a trance state, but when I ’m filled with the Holy Spirit, my own experience is in that trance state. Sometimes I cannot get up at all, I cannot move. What you receive in that trance state is the vision from heaven, this is the first way, the first definition.

The second one is strange dreams (at night). I was thinking that it might not be night, and the dreams I fell asleep during the day would also be strange dreams, so it might not be night, right? What is the third one? Revelation, oracle, prophecy, and inspiration. what is it then? The revelation of the oracle is what God said, and then the prophet predicted that God told you through man. The inspiration is that when you pray, your heart is touched, that is, you know that this thing comes from God. right? Then the archetype's insights are vision, inspiration, and prophecy.

Okay, so how do we see the vision? The first one is that God speaks directly, as brother John, said that we must check the Bible, then I think this is too easy to find a basis from the Bible, so God gives us the way to receive the vision, we also look at the Bible scriptures , Let ’s look at the first one, Genesis 12: 1 to 3:

[Gen 12: 1] Now Jehovah said to Abram, go from your land and from your relatives and from your father's house to the land that I will show you;

[Gen 12: 2] And I will make of you a great nation, And I will bless you and make your name great; And you shall be a blessing.

[Gen 12: 3] And I will bless those who bless you, and he who curses you I will curse; And in you all the families of the earth will be blessed"

What is this? God speaks directly to him, and God not only directly to him speak, but God show the mind and tell him how does God think about him? Tell him that all nations on earth will be blessed by you, so we now say that we are the people of Abraham, right? We all came down from the line of Abraham, and today we can be called children of the living God. So, Abram's vision will become the father of all nations, the friend of God, and the great man of faith. This is God's call to him. When you go to read the scriptures, do you see if he stays in his call in this life? So where does this vision come from? God spoke directly to him and told him. The second Moses, right? We see in Egypt 3: 3-10:

[Ex 3: 3] Moses said, "I'm going to watch this great vision in the past. Why didn't this thorn burn out?"

[Ex 3: 4] The Lord God saw that he was going to see, he called from the thorns and said, "Moses! Moses!" He said, "I am here."

[Ex 3: 5] God said: “Do n’t come near, take off your shoes, because the place you are standing on is a holy place.”

[Ex 3: 6] He also said: "I am your father's God, Abraham's God, Isaac's God, Jacob's God." Moses covered his face because he was afraid to look at God.

[Ex 3: 7] The Lord said, "I really saw the sufferings of my people in Egypt; I heard the mourning that they uttered under the supervision of the overseers. I knew their pain. [Ex 3: 8] I came down to save them from the hands of the Egyptians and lead them out of the land to the beautiful and wide land of milk and honey, that is, to the Canaanites, Hittites, Amorites, and Billy A place for washing people, Hivites, and Jebusites.

[Ex 3: 9] Now the mourning of the Israelis reaches my ears, and I also see how the Egyptians oppressed them.

[Ex 3:10] Therefore, I will send you to see Pharaoh so that you can lead my people Israel from Egypt."

Moses saw a vision, right? All the thorns are on fire, but how about this thorn? Without being burned, he was very curious and was attracted by this image. He wanted to see it. When he went to see, God spoke directly to him, right? Seeing Godless talk, and telling him what to do, right? It is very clear that the people of Israel will be brought out of Egypt to the Promised Land. This is Moses, and he must respond to the vision from heaven, amen. The first one is the way God speaks directly, and we receive visions.

I know many people. They can also hear the voice of speech directly from God, and what is this voice? I heard it physically, not what we described. I heard the voice of God. Just like I said I had a conversation with God, it was not physical, it was not the sound that the ear could hear, it was the spirit in my heart A kind of communication inside. I know that the Ming has also witnessed. She heard God speak to her.

Then I came across a domestic preacher, he was from the Korean ethnic group, and he was also used by God, but he was caught in sin, struggling and ups and downs there, once he told me that he said Outside the ward, he went to visit the patient. At this time, he was still guilty. He said that a sudden thunderous voice said to him: If you do not repent, your life will not be guaranteed. The sound of thunder, God really loves him, do not let him die, like this to warn him! Really, I want to say that it's not just that there is a record in the Bible that God speaks directly to people, but that God still speaks to his people in this way today, amen? So, we have to be open, we do not restrict God, God, you can tell me in any way, as long as I know that this is from you, amen.

The second is to appear in vision. Well, let ’s look at the first section of Genesis 15: [Gen 15: 1] After this, the Lord said to Abram in a vision: "Don't be afraid, Abram! I am your shield, and I will greatly reward you."

Did you see it? It appeared to him in a vision, that the definition just now might be in a trance, then I was thinking that when God was going to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, there was so real between Abraham and God Communication, let Sarah prepare food for him to eat, which is not in a trance, right? So, it's not necessarily in a trance, maybe you are in that real scene, right? So, it appears in vision.

Then look at the second chapter of Genesis 46, Job 33: 15-18

[Gen 46: 2] At night, God said to Israel in a vision: "Jacob! Jacob!" He said, "I am here."

[Job 33:15] When people lie in bed and sleep, God uses dreams and night visions, [Job 33:16] Open their ears and imprint their lessons on their hearts,

[Job 33:17] So that people do not follow their own plans and do not do pride (the original text is "hiding pride from others");

[Job 33:18] Prevent people from being trapped in the pit, and not die under the sword.

I do not know if you have such experience. Sometimes you may think about a problem yourself, and it may take a long time to figure it out. But one day I had a dream, and there was a vision in the dream that I woke up all of a sudden, oh yeah, did that mean that right? I wonder if you feel this way? If we have something, we will continue to hold on to it. If not, we will ask God, and God will also experience me. it is good. Then, what is the purpose of God doing this? Let people not follow their own plans, do not do proud things, and then prevent people from getting trapped in the pit and not die under the sword. All of this and all of God is for our benefit, but I found that we people often don't understand God's intentions. We think that God wants me to suffer, that is, that I want to suffer, that is, that I need to suffer.

Many times, when God told me, you do it, no! God says you do it, no! I think God has dealt with me very well in this relationship between me and my husband. Because I am very strong, you know where I am, that is, when I just got in touch with God, not long after I was baptized, and then I was taught that the wife should obey her husband. Why is it so unpleasant for me to say this? Not only did I find it unpleasant, I also felt dissatisfied. I went to the pastor. I said, pastor, all the words in this Bible are very well written, but the words are not written well. It's not good to say this, I cannot do it, and I ’m not willing to do it.

It's rebellious. I want to come now. At that time, I was so courageous. I asked the pastor to talk about such a thing. I really did not want to do it. But then, after repeated conflicts, God asked me to apologize to my husband. Why should I say? He was wrong, why should I apologize? Then God said you apologized, I said no! God said you go to apologize? Do not! God said child, you apologize, wow, my tears will come down. Really when the god touches your heart, you come down. Later, what is even more wonderful is how I passed this barrier. I believe that there are more sisters on our side. I will share this journey with you.

One morning when I was reading the Bible, I suddenly felt my heart hurt. It was really painful. It was the physical pain. And it's amazing that I know, it's not my pain, it's God ’s heartache, it's the Heavenly Father ’s heartache, it's painful, it hurts, I hurt it, cry, cry there, it hurts me, I know it's He is in pain, I said why does you feel so painful? Why does your heart hurt so much? , I feel that God has touched me in my heart, that is: my children are rebellious against me, they are not willing to obey my orders, they are all on the road to destruction, I call them again and again, and greet them again and again, Let them look back, they do not look back, he said I would hit their legs with a stick and break the leg, I also want them to look back, he said that their rebellion made me hurt, they did not know what they were doing, they were Walking on the road to extinction.

Gosh, since then I said, Lord, I do not want to hurt your heart, I do not want to hurt your heart, I am willing to surrender, I am willing to surrender, I am willing to obey my husband, I am willing to do the rest for nothing, as long as your heart does not hurt As long as You see that even if there are other children rebelling against You, at least this child can still be willing to submit to You, so that Your heart can be comforted, I said I am willing to be that child. So, I am willing to learn this homework. And I found that when you start to learn this lesson, the grace of God, the mercy of God, the love of God, really surrounds you, and He really gives you more than you want.

So, I thought that if I didn't have this vision, how could I obey him? If I did not have this vision, how could I be willing to let go of what I thought was right and wanted to get hold of? So, people without vision will perish. I ’m so grateful. I said that the Lord thanked You for letting go, thank you for your hand on me, to break me, to refine me, no matter how wailing I am, I may want to give up myself, just forget about me. I ’ll die if I die, but God will not let go. Amen!

Okay, let’s continue. This is the second one, how? Appear in a vision, right? The third one, through prophetic words, we saw David, when he was a boy, when he was fifteen or sixteen, I guess he might not have thought of becoming king of Israel in the future, did he? He only knew that the sheep that I had taught my dad to manage were all right, and their family did not see how terrible this child was, how productive, right? You see, when Samuel was sent to his house, you saw how his family treated him and did not call him. I thought it was definitely not this one!

Let's take a look at 1 Samuel 16: 1 to 3:

[1 Sam 16: 1] Jehovah said to Samuel, "How long will you grieve for Saul as king of Israel? You filled the horns with oil, and I sent you to Jesse the Bethlehem. Go because I booked a king among his sons."

[1 Sam 16: 2] Samuel said, "How can I go? If Saul heard, he would kill me." The Lord said, "You can take a calf and say: 'I am here to offer to the Lord Sacrifice.'

[1 Sam 16: 3] If you want to invite Jesse to eat the sacrificial meat, I will show you what to do. You must anoint the person I pointed to you."

Here is how Jehovah told Samuel that I have rejected Saul as king of Israel. How long will you grieve for him? You filled the horns with anointing oil, and I sent you to Jesse the Bethlehem, because I ordered one among his sons to be king. Well, I won’t talk about it later. That is to say, David ’s father Jesse called his sons one by one from the eldest son to the seventh son, thinking that Samuel was to anoint seven of them. One of them, but God said it was not. In fact, when Samuel saw the first one, he thought that Wow handsome is probably might be him. right? He is a prophet! Therefore, the prophet has to be adjusted by God from time to time, and he may recognize people according to his own meaning, but God said that God does not look at people like humans. What do people look at? Appearance, but what does God see? Inner heart, and only God knows our heart, sometimes we don't know our heart ourselves!

1 Samuel 16: 11-13:

[1 Sam 16:11] Samuel said to Jesse, "Are your sons here?" He replied: "There is still a small one, and now shepherds." Samuel said to Jesse, "You sent someone to call He comes; if he does not come, we will not sit."

[1 Sam 16:12] Jesse sent someone to call him. He has a rosy complexion, beautiful eyes and a handsome face. The Lord said:"This is him; you get up and anoint him."

[1 Sam 16:13] Samuel anointed him among his brothers with the anointing oil in the horns. From this day on, the spirit of the Lord greatly moved David. Samuel got up and went back to Rama.

Do you see Samuel telling Jesse that your sons are all here? He replied that there was a small one, and now shepherds. Samuel said to Jesse, you sent someone to call him. If he doesn't come, we will not take a seat. When I read this, I did not write it in the Bible, so I started thinking in my head. Is that possible? When Samuel said that you still have a son, maybe you might say oh, that is the smallest, it's too small, I don't understand anything, so I don't need it. But you see what Samuel said. If he doesn't come, we will not sit down. What can you read about Samuel from this statement? Perseverance. It seems that their family members disagree, but Samuel insisted so much that he knew this was the vision, right?

Then you see that Jesse sent someone to call him. His face was bright red, his eyes were beautiful, and his appearance was beautiful. The Lord said that this is him, and you get up and anoint him. Then Samuel anointed him among his brothers with the anointing oil in the horns. I like it a lot later, how about starting from this day? The spirit of Jehovah greatly touched David, oh I liked it. So, we really want to be willing, to do what? Humble yourself, willing to receive those sent by God to anoint us, to tell us what God wants to do with us. I remember that after the lectures of many special conferences, they will serve individual with prayer, some brothers and sisters rushed forward, ask the speaker to pray, and some people say ah, there’s no need, why? Why did you have to go and ask the speaker to pray? In fact, I want to say that if God touch you, you really must go, because you do not know what God will say to you through this person.

Like David's fifteen or sixteen-year-old boy, it's just for herding sheep, he won't do anything else, only for sheep, right? But what did God choose him for? King, and he came back from the wilderness, and after Samuel anointed him, from that day on, the spirit of God greatly moved David. What is it that the Spirit of God greatly moved David? The relationship between him and God is completely different, amen? So what kind of needs do we have to be humble, amen. Then there is Saul, which is the apostle Paul. When you read the book of Acts, there are many ways we listed God talking to people in the book of Acts, that is, the way you receive the vision. You see Saul witnessing himself, that is to say, he met God, and when the great light hit him, he fell over his eyes and became blind. Then God sent a man to Ananias to see him and prayed for him. And explain how God wants to use him to explain to him. So, what does this pass? Pass the message from God to us through another person, amen.

Okay, the fourth one is reception in personal prayer, isn't it? Some people say ah, can I receive it? Can I really hear God speaking to me? I remembered more than ten years ago, when several of us prayed together, suddenly a sister came to me and put her hand on my stomach, she said that God would heal your stomach. Your stomach won't twitch anymore. I ’m very curious, I said how do you know that my stomach hurts? I had a bad stomach ulcer at that time, because I was going to graduate school at that time, I want to be the best, so I always want to take the first place, so I put a lot of pressure on myself. I took some kind of medicines, people with stomach ulcers issue may know that this medicine is for treating gastric ulcers. At that time, when we prayed together, it was when I was about to take the mid-term exam. It was when the pressure was very heavy. My stomach hurts a lot. It won't twitch anymore.

I was surprised. At that time, I didn't understand the gift, but I thought it was so strange. How did he know? I thought what my husband said, I asked my husband, I said you told her? He said I did not. I asked her, how do you know that my stomach hurts? She said what I said only what God said. I said then how can you hear the voice of God? She said she heard it when she heard it, and she couldn't hear it when she didn’t hear it. Such an understatement for her is completely a fantasy for me. From then on, I said to god, if she can hear your voice, I want to hear it also. why she can hear, but I can’t, I also have to have it, and later I actually found out God has spoken to me long ago, but I do not know. I thought that was what I thought.

Personal reception, okay, we continue to see from the Bible, we must have faith to receive the promises to God, why? Look at Jeremiah 33: 2 to 3:

[Jer 33: 2] "It is Jehovah who accomplishes it, and it is Jehovah who made it to be established, and Yahweh is his name.

[Jer 33: 3] If you call me, I will answer you and show you something big and difficult that you do not know.

God said, you just ask me to answer, and show you the big and difficult things you don't know. Are we usually helpless when we are faced with big and difficult things, right? We do not know what to do. Do you know? At this time God said, if you ask me, I will tell you. So that we have God's promise, are we still worried that we can't hear anything? Are we still worried that we will not receive the message from God? No! Never! He will tell you, but only in what way and when did he tell you, right?

Because this is His word, God says He ca not lie, and since he promises so he must fulfill it.

Let us look at New Testament John 14:16:

[John 14:16] I ask the Father, and the Father will give you another Comforter (or "Consolation Teacher". The same below), so that he will always be with you.

We know what happens to the Holy Spirit when we believe in God and we are baptized? Is Holy spirit with us, right? Where is he? He lives in us, not outside. You do not have to go outside to find it. You just talk to the God inside you.

[John 14:26] But the Comforter, the Holy Spirit that the Father will send in my name, will teach you everything and remind you of everything I have said to you.

In verse 26 He said that the Comforter is the Holy Spirit that the Father will send in my name. He will teach you everything and remind you of everything I have said to you. So I take this scripture to tell God, God, how come I ca not remember the scriptures often, do not you promise to say you sent the Comforter in me, he wants to remind me of everything you said to me , So I begged God that the Lord would allow me to remember your scriptures and remind me of everything you said to me. When I needed it, your words came out of it. He is in you, amen!

[John 16:13] Just when the Holy Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you to understand (original as "entry") all truth; because he did not speak on his own, but he said everything he heard and wanted Tell you about the future.

There is also a 16:13 waiting for the Holy Spirit of truth to come, he will guide you to understand all the truth, because he does not speak on his own, but speaks out what he has heard, and wants to tell the future Tell you something. God, He loves us more than our parents, and all of our parents love our children, right? But our abilities are limited and we love to the point that the child asks me, "Mom, how do I go ahead?" I said I did not know, but did God know? God knows that He is in charge of tomorrow, and what will He do with the future? Tell you, that’s for sure.

[Acts 5:32] We bear witness to this matter, and the Holy Spirit that God has given to obedient people also bear witness to this matter."

[1 Corinthians 3:16] Do n’t you know that you are the temple of God, and the Spirit of God lives in you?

Acts chapter 5 verse 32, He said that we bear witness to this matter, and the Holy Spirit that God has given to obedient people also bear witness to this matter. Then, in 1 Corinthians 3:16, do you not know that you are the house of God and the spirit of God lives in you? Amen. So, since we have so many promises, I just take a few verses, in order to prove that this is the promise of God, this is the word of God, this is what God told us, since he told us this way, he must do it, amen? There are many, many such scriptures, many, many such promises, Amen!

Okay, we know there are several ways of vision? Four ways. The first is that God speaks directly, right? The second one is what you saw in the vision or receive it in a different dream, the third one is to tell us through the prophets around us through the prophets, the prophetic gift is stronger, and the fourth one is that we pray for God to touch us within us, probably Summarized into these. So, we say that we do not limit God, what way God wants to tell us, we all accept, amen. The visions we speak are not the visions in this world. The visions we speak must be given to us by God, and must be God's leadership of our lives, or God's plan for our lives, must be came from God.

How can we receive and respond to the vision from heaven? If you want to know these four ways, then you will not miss any chance in your daily life! Whether it is God speaking directly to you, whether it is in a vision or dream, whether it is when God speaks to you through people, or when you receive your prayers yourself. I found that when you pray, God really speaks to your heart. For example, when I kneel there on Friday, I say God I love you, God says shepherding my sheep, I just want to express it simply God I love you, then immediately means shepherding my sheep. This was not what I asked at the time, nor was it my own plan for myself. So, when you are willing to come in front of God, he will definitely show his heart to you, that is to say, his leadership of your life, in fact, this is our vision.

So how do you go after you have received this vision? Vision, in my experience, means that the front is a general direction, so I would like to say what is the common vision for each of us Christians? We are to be grinded into the style of His Son Jesus Christ in God ’s hands, which is a big goal for us as a whole. We want to have the life of Jesus Christ in it, as Paul said, now I am no longer alive, but It is Jesus Christ living in us, this is our greatest vision.

In this process, God has some special plans, special training, and special leadership for you. For example, in the last ministry, I believe that our brothers and sisters sitting here or online today are more or less related to the last ministry, then you have to distinguish, God, why am I here? What is your call to me? what should I do? That is, no matter what the world thinks, no matter how our childhood education tells us, we need to know that as Christians, we just have to believe in the Word of God. God says who we are, who we are, who says we want to live as we want.

[Gen 1:26] God said: "We will create people according to our image and in our style, so that they will manage the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky, the livestock on the ground and the whole earth, and the earth on the ground. All insects."

[Gen 1:27] God created man according to his own image, but man and woman according to his image.

[Gen 1:28] God blessed them and said to them: "Let them grow up, fill the ground, and govern the land; they must also manage the fish in the sea, the birds in the air, and the living creatures on the earth in all kinds of actions."

So, let ’s takes a look at this scripture. In fact, this scripture was received by our sisters when we prayed in the our team. First of all, from this scripture, we will see how we are. We made it in the image of God. Does not the dean of the law school have confidence? So where do you say our faith comes from? Yes, we know that we were made in the image of God, his temperament and his power are placed in us, and his life is in us. We cannot inferiority complex, we cannot agree with the lies of this world, or even the lies of the enemy, and we feel that you are not good. You see what you are doing today. Although I am not good, I made it in the image of God, although I am not good, my God loves me, although I am not good, my Lord Jesus died for me and lived for me, who is so sweet to you, the ruler of heaven and earth You are so sweet, do you say you still have reason to come from humble?

Whenever you think that you were made in the image of God, the Lord Jesus died for you and lived for you, giving you your life, you ca n’t humble yourself, you won’t humble yourself, and you are really toward that Benchmark, rush towards that vision, right? And what do you think he gave? What a great power to give. We can see from these verses that it is actually in line with our intentions in the last ministry, and the iron rods are used to govern the nations. Great! Therefore, we must understand our identity, we must have the rod, we must use the iron rod to rule the nations, why? This is God's intention to make us. Don't say who you are, how old are you, who are you? Why do you say you are like this? We can say that because God said I am like this, so I am like this, one sentence is enough, amen.

Then you look at Revelation Chapter 17:14:

[Revelation 17:14] These will make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb will overcome them, for He is Lord of lords and King of kings; and they who are with Him, the called and chosen and faithful, will also overcome them."

Each of us was created in God's plan and in God's mind, then we have a responsibility to know that God made me call me, what is your goal for my life? What is your plan? I must adjust my heart and align it with God. This is what we must work hard to pray for. No matter what method you want to receive, this is the price we must pay, the responsibility we must bear, God gives us authority, and also gives us responsibility, we cannot be irresponsible.

So, you see that he said that he is still selected and must be faithful. God has called a lot of people, and the Bible also says that more are called and less are chosen. So why are they called more and less chosen? Think about it, is there a reason for yourself, that you didn’t take your own responsibilities? Then you can’t be chosen. It's miserable if you are not be chosen. Why is it miserable? You were originally to be rewarded in heaven, and to be king with the Lord Jesus. In the end, you may not be able to be king or be rewarded, and you are far away from the throne in worship. You may not realize what you have lost now? But one day when you go to heaven, when you reach that glorious place, you will find, oh, I regret it, but it is too late.

While we still have a chance now, we really have to work hard and must be faithful. Since vision is so important to us, how do we come to receive the vision, are those four aspects right? Then we must know what God is leading me, know the general direction, then what should I do now? What should I do today? In fact, God really speaks to you, He will speak, He will really guide you. You see Paul said, that” I did not violate the vision from heaven”. This is what we should imitate. Don’t violate the vision from heaven. It really cannot be violated. Why?

Okay, let ’s continues to talk down, that is, we must first ask God to understand God ’s intentions, and then pray for ourselves to see our prayer received. In prayer, you will have a desire and a passion in your heart, and some kind of Things are particularly exciting for you. I just want to do it, the kind of hunger that I can't stop. What is this? Just don't destroy the touch of the Holy Spirit, that is, the Holy Spirit will touch your heart. For example, why did I contact the Omega ministry, and why did I contact a Ming? That is, in 2015 when I checked a message. I searched for that keyword. Once I saw the message forwarded by the Omega Ministry, after reading that information, I browsed other information sent by the ministry. Wow, it so attractive to me. I really like it.

And I found that it matches very well the desire and the passion within me, and I said I must know this group of people. So, I found the phone number on the ministry website, and when I called it’s answered by an old lady. I then said I was going to find your Omega ministry and your leader, and she gave me the phone of Ming. Then I called Ming, she said, " Oh, I'm not in Toronto. I am in somewhere ... Then, when I come back, I have to open a co-workers' meeting....” Then she asked, who are you? I said that I'm a little sister and I would like to meet you, Ha Ha.

Because Ming and pastor Zhang, they were very busy at that time. When contacted them, we couldn’t find a time to meet each other. Then they sent message to ask how I was doing; can we meet at certain time? I said yes, but then they replied can’t meet at the time ...etc. We’ve been contact for several times back and forth but never be able to settle time a good for both of us to meet. Then, I said, let it be if we can’t meet. I can enjoy my stay in Toronto with the gourmet food eat and have fun with my friends. Then, when I sat in the restaurant, I received the call as soon as the food came on the table. It's Ming, she said that the Holy Spirit inspired her to see me. Wow, I left the place immediately with my daughter without eating any food. We ran to meet the Ming and Pastor Zhang. We sat in McDonald and we talked for hours. Then I felt curious on the road. God, why would I do such a thing? Why would I have to meet them? I asked God why is the purpose of this meeting?

I felt that God touched me, said it’s to connect. Oh connection, then let’s connect first, I don’t know what God would do later. Anyway, I want to know them. If it’s called connection, then let’s connect it. Later, I found that during that connection, it actually gave me a great opening in my life, such as the city and the city in the book of Revelation, for example, not every Christian is a bride, this is helping me during the years of reading the Bible, including what I saw in the vision, I slowly sorted it out.

We used to think that all Christians were all brides, right? Then all people go to heaven as long as they make a decision and pray, right? But actually I saw in the vision that I was wearing the bride ’s robe and a crown on my head, and then the Lord Jesus stood next to me, and I walked hand in hand with the Lord Jesus, Go straight along the passage, there are many people on both sides, and they are bowing down underground. I was surprised at that time, I didn’t dare to talk to anyone, I said how could this be the case? Aren't they all brides? Why would anyone else kneel down next to him? I dare not talk about it.

After readying more articles from Ming, Oliver and the Omega ministry I then find the information increasingly clear. There’s only the winner. So, I want to say that the vision I see only shows that I have this call, but whether I can reach that goal is still in my efforts. So, I want to say that I don’t want to violate the vision from heaven. I just want to be a winner. So, what if I want to be determined? I should Become a winner, amen. So, God can speak to you, and God can reveal you.

[John 10: 4] When he puts forth all his own, he goes before them, and the sheep follow him because they know his voice.

[John 10:27] My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.

Look at John 10: 4: 10: 27. The Lord said that after releasing his own sheep, he walked ahead, and the sheep followed him, because of what? The sheep recognize His voice. If you really have a relationship with the Lord, if you are really a child of God and a sheep of God, you will be able to recognize His voice. Now I found that there is a problem, many people say that I am a Christian. I am a Christian, but they have nothing to do with God. My own feeling is that they are not Christians. why? If you are really a Christian, you must be related to God, and you must be able to hear His voice. Because he said that my sheep recognize my voice, unless you are not his sheep, you will not recognize his voice, and then he said that my sheep listen to my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.

This time my university school mates from girls ’dormitory came visit me from all over the world, and I took them with me travel around. These days I drove a lot, I drove everywhere, and then I kept preaching to them for the evangelize. They are chatting in the car, and I'm listening too, wow they talked about that China’s celebrities, what Feng Xiaogang, Liu Zhenyun, and actress what’s going on with them everything is so detail. I said, my God, how can they know so well? I can't help asking her, how do you know so much about them? Do you know them? She said oh we live in a community; their children go to school with our children. That means they don’t know them, just knowing their things.

In fact, I am also thinking about how many of us Christians are like this. Search the Bible and think that there is life in it, from Genesis to Revelation, a large number of verses go back and forth, talk about Jesus. When talk about the story from the Bible is very familiar but it has nothing to do with God. He only has knowledge. He only has knowledge about the Bible and knowledge about Jesus, but what about God? There is no inter-personal relationship but what does a Christian truly want? It is the Lord, you are in me, I am in you, you and me, we are in one, this is the Christian, amen. Pray that God will illuminate our lives in a situation where we must strive to reach the point of completeness, which is a true heart.

Secondly, through brothers and sisters, I found that God actually has mercy on me, because I am an extremely insecure person. Although I dare to take risks, but I am also afraid of pain. So, I said to God, God, don’t hit me, you tell me, I will listen to you. I'm willing to go for you, but don't hit me. Just tell me and follow you well. Why? Because I had a very powerful mother since I was a child, she had a congenital heart disease. That heart has been displaced. That is, our heart is here and her heart is displaced in here.

From the moment I started to remember, my mother told me that “girl, you must be prepared for the thoughts. You may see me as the last side”. She said that I may leave you at any time, so I grew up in fear, I am very insecure, and extremely insecure. Let me tell you a story so you will know to what extreme that I am so insecure. One time, when It's four o’clock but my daughter didn’t arrive home from school, I called the school and called her classmates, I couldn't find her. What did I do? I called 911. I told them, which bus route my daughter usually will takes and I said could you send a police car to see if they could find my daughter along the way.

The policeman said you should not be in a hurry. He said she might have been on a date with friends. I said no. She should have come back by this time but she hadn’t come back. I said I was worried about her. I started praying and praying, and then God reminded me directly that she went to piano lessons, ha-ha. So, you know that I am a very insecure person, and I feel that God has special mercy for me. Whenever I want to do something, he tells me again and again, and give me the confirmation through different people.

Yesterday, when I drove over to Toronto. It was the first time I drove such a long road alone, and it would take me six hours. The night before yesterday, I was reading the scriptures. I always read them in an order every day. The day before yesterday, I read Psalm 91. I read the Psalm 91 too many times. Then I took the Bible Psalm 91 and put my name in it. Then I prayed quietly. I have do this prayer many times over the years, but when I read it the day before yesterday, the sentence came directly into my heart, which means that “Jehovah will send you his messenger to protect you on all the paths you have taken”. God has mercy on me. He knows that I am careful and I am afraid of pain, so he often tells me what to do through different people.

Including that I will be in Quebec for a period of time. There’s period before it happened, God through the prophet told me “who will take you to Quebec, and then you will participate in the local community. You will be the blessing for the community and then inside of me said Oh god, I don’t understand French. The prophet said the language is never a problem for God. He even said out the dialog that I asked God. I want to say not to ignore what the brothers and sisters around you say to you. God can speak to you through anyone, as long as you have a humble and teachable heart. Amen? So, God can speak to you through anyone, amen!

Then dreams and visions, what I want to encourage everyone is to develop the habit of taking notes. Whether it is the vision you see or the dream you dream, many times you don’t understand it, just write it down. After writing it down, slowly when things happen step-by-step, you will find that the meaning of the dream in your dream may slowly appear. As time goes on, the information revealed in this dream becomes clearer, and you will be certain that this direction is right, I did not go wrong, I will stick to it, amen.

I found that in our team, they are those God would continue to pour a lot of gifts, including dreams and visions, at the end time. Many times, the dreams we dare not to talk about, in fact, I dare not talk about the dreams I had. Not dare to tell Ming that I had this dream. This dream is so strange. How dare I say it? But as time goes by, you will find that the original meaning of this dream is also God ’s way for us to determine how we are going, Amen.

Then the next one, that is, God speaks directly to us, because God ’s call to everyone is different, such as Paul and the other 12 apostles, how are their calls? They are different. He is very clear that he will be sent to the Gentiles, and there is no precedent for what he does, right? He did it this way, if he had no vision nor calls from God, he dares not to do it, right? And how about the ministry he did on Jerusalem? Caused some debate. He had to return to Jerusalem to tell them what God did among the Gentiles. Then what about Jerusalem? To make a decision to the Gentile believers, you just have to do this. So, if God speaks to us directly, we must know that even if He tells you and others tell you, and what He wants you to do is different from what others do.

I feel that in the last ministry, we are now facing such an environment, many people do not understand, many people do not recognize this is the identity of the army. They took his past knowledge and past experience to understand. Last week, I think Brother John Jin spokes very well. He used the scriptures of the Bible to confirm each vision and the works of the ministry. The end of the time has come, the time is running out, we must rise, this army must rise. why? It is to prepare the way for God.

When you are called to join this ministry, pray for yourself. If God does not call you, it does not mean that you have lost your election. Maybe God called you for something else. As each of us Christians as children of God, our task is to understand the calling and be faithful to the end. You cannot do other people ’s things. You can only do what God wants you to do, amen. And loyalty in the position called by God, faithfulness to death, death is nothing, amen. Well, this is to receive the vision.

The second one is very important. I believe that everyone here today, including online, must have a determination. I just want to stick to it, and I want to be the winner. So how do you become a winner? The most important point is to kill your own body, otherwise you can't win. You are rebellious from time to time, because your flesh is originally against God. If we have the sinful nature of old Adam in it, and then we grow up in the whole environment, we are trained by this world, by this system. The entire way of thinking and acting is hostile to God.

If you don't put your body to death, how can you become a victor? What is the winner? You are aligned with the mind of God, you do what God wants you to do, and you do what God wants you to do, then you can become a victor. If you don’t understand God ’s will, and you don’t want to do it according to God ’s will, you have to do it your own way. God wants you to go east, and you have to go west. Would you become a winner? It's impossible.

I think God gave me a deep touch, that is, leaning on Him all the way. In this process, in this process of sanctification, in this process of becoming a victor, you can’t rely on yourself, or any big speaker, people around you, or your loved ones. The one who can rely on is the Lord, and you can only rely on Him. You can only make up your mind every day to die to yourself and live to the Lord. I just want to learn to have the heart of the Lord, and then let me have the love of the Lord in me, and the vision of the Lord in me, then how can I be with the Lord? To be unite in one. Without these, you cannot be one with the Lord.

In this process of dying to the flesh, we have to be cruel to ourselves. We often stab others with a knife in the process of getting along. But in the process of dying to yourself, I stabbed myself with a knife. So, if we used to stab others, we turned that knife to ourselves. In this process, you really have to be cruel to yourself, and you must have the firmness like the Daniel ’s three friends, the firmness or like Esther such decisive to die, otherwise you cannot die. It’s painful, because that sin is in it, it is constantly fighting. Like Paul said, I can’t do what I want to do, but I do what I don’t want to do. It really depends on God!

[Mt 26:39] And going forward a little, He fell on His face and prayed, saying, My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from Me; yet not as I will, but as You will.

[Hebrews 5: 8] Even though He was a Son, learned obedience from the things which He suffered.

[Hebrews 5: 9] And having been perfected, He became to all those who obey Him the source of eternal salvation,

Let ’s takes a look at our Lord Jesus, who is an example for us to follow. Many times, when I was crying by God, God said that you look up to my cross, I will raise my head in my heart and look up. That cross. I found that after such a few times, the pain is much better, it is not so painful. Then in the end God said, child, hug my cross, can you appreciate the difference? At the beginning, you were forced to do nothing. There was no way to go. You could only look up at the cross. But in the end, God said that when the child embraced, what was the cross? It is an initiative and a willing one.

Why is it going from passive to active? It is because of understanding God's will. You know this process, this suffering is beneficial to us, did you find it? I am like this. When do you pray most urgently? I found that when I was in the most difficult time, when I had nowhere to go, I grabbed my prayers and didn’t relax. I might pray for hours a day, but what happened to me after the storm calmed down? Relaxed. So, you see that the Lord Jesus learned obedience because of his sufferings even though he is a son.

I used to be afraid of suffering, and I refused, but I found that God has been constantly strengthening me in me recently, giving me confidence. What does God tell me to die? What is human life? In the past few decades, what is love and hatred, success and failure, money and no money, what is health disease? What is it for just a few decades? What is the comparison with this eternity? I found that I became very brave. Yeah, what is this? is not it? So, when we are really willing to take back our hearts and minds and surrender to the power of God, the love of God, you can really laugh at the storm.

And I found that many times, when God wants to take me to an environment, I have always refused to refuse, wrestle with God, go or go in. But I feel that God is very merciful to me, jumps, kicks me in, it hurts so much, it hurts. But when I didn’t call, I found out my goodness, fortunately I had this experience, because in this experience, I saw the places I needed to be dealt with, and saw that there were a lot of things in it that were really unsatisfactory. It is contrary to God's heart, and I don't know it yet, I really don't know it. So many times, when suffering, God reveals our hearts.

I remember that it was also very interesting for God to train my husband. In 2007, my husband was going to invest in a business. Others told him very well, but I thought it just a dream not possible to make it but how do I tell him that he wouldn’t listened and he went inside with all his heart. I said God, you have to help him. When you see your son, he falls forward into the pit, don’t you pull him? Then God said that he was my son. He stood or fell and he was with me. Even if he fell seven times, I could pull it up.

Then I felt that God moved me that he must learn this lesson. If he does not learn to seek the lesson of obeying God, there is no way for God to entrust him with greater things. I said that well, then I will not say anything, I will say the Lord, you lead him, you treat him kindly, you let him learn this lesson. It's amazing that when signing the contract, the next day, my husband said, "Oh, how do I feel uneasy /unsafe?" He said, "I will not sign the contract tomorrow?" I said, "it wouldn’t work, you had to sign it. If you didn’t sign you would be breach of the contract. God will not be please by it." He said, "Oh that is right."

Actually, when the contract was signed. It's really a pit, and in that pit is closed from May to January 2008, we can't go anywhere, the grocery store I opened over there needs to hire people, and his business needs to hire people too. We spent a lot of money here and there continually none stop, but during that time he desperately grabbed God, and he read the Bible every day, and God still did not let him go, When he lost money on one side, God inspired him to donate thousands of dollars to another person and so he did. In 2008, the door opened suddenly, and the case ended with his loss and he’s able to withdraw from it.

But in the process, I found out that Xiaoqin was really dealt with by God. He really learned a lesson. "Unless Jehovah builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Unless Jehovah keeps the city, The guard watches in vain."

He learned to depend on God, and he learned to pray in everything, made every decision, and prayed before every investment, and asked God for confirmation, to confirm him, he moved forward firmly, and even more wonderfully and remember he was lost some money in investment, right? In 2008, God doubled and doubled and multiply his supply. In fact, what is that loss? The money and the tuition were not paid by you, but by God. right? And further back, when he becomes more and more mature in God, God really sends him to do great things. No matter how big it is, at least it is different from what he has done before. Because what does God want? It's a person to be shared.

Just like the Scripture reminded me again this morning, it is 2 Timothy

[2 Timothy 2:21] If one is self-cleansing and free from lowly things, he will be a precious vessel and become holy and fit for the Lord ’s purpose and be prepared to do all kinds of good deeds.

[Philippians 3: 7] Only what I thought was beneficial to me, I now regard it as loss because of Christ.

[Philippians 3: 8] Not only that, I also consider everything to be detrimental, because I believe that knowing my Lord Christ Jesus is the most precious thing. I have discarded everything for him, regarded as dung, in order to win Christ

[Romans 12: 1] Therefore, brothers, I persuade you with God's mercy to offer your body as a living sacrifice, which is holy and pleasing to God. It is for granted that you serve so.

[Romans 12: 2] Do not imitate this world, as long as your mind is renewed and changed, let you examine what is the good, pure and pleasing will of God.

So, what does God let us do in this process? Have been purifying us all the time, but also want us to break away? Humble thing. What is meanness? Humble things are things that do not meet God's will. All things that do not meet God's mind are base. So, we are preparing ourselves to be holy and suitable for the Lord. Thank the Lord that we want to grow in everything, even to Christ the Head. In this, I see that God ’s word is really precious. We see Philippians 3: 7-8. When you read Paul ’s letters, you will find that when a person is renewed by God, it the state of the whole person, the thinking system or the values of life and morality are all different. I love these pages of verses.

I remember sometimes the brothers and sisters I contacted, as long as you said to them offered you a living sacrifice. He/she would say, want me to offer it as a living sacrifice? But I can't, I do not want to be a living sacrifice. In fact, I did not understand God's heart. What is meant as a living sacrifice? As a living sacrifice, you do not live according to the values of the world. As a living sacrifice, I am living for God. What is this? Really live as the destiny of your creation, and truly live the purpose of your creation. Only by offering as a living sacrifice can the value of your entire life be fulfilled. So, when you understand this truth, you will offer it at once, and then just give it. God won't treat you badly, he won't.

And He said that we want our mind to update and change. What does it mean to change and change our mind? As I said just now, we must have the heart of Christ. For example, when we talk about our ministry, we face all kinds of wind and waves, all kinds of experience, what do you think? Then you ask God, what do you think of God? God, you let me be able to see from your eyes, let me feel what you are thinking? We know that none of these things can happen without God ’s permission, right? Since God allows it, there must be God's wonderful will. Then we have to understand what is the will of God? How do we respond now? How to choose to align with God? You can understand God's will only if your mind is updated and changed.

Otherwise, according to your human nature, you will feel, why did he persecute me, why did he treat me like this, how did I treat him well, what would you do? Complain bitterly, what then, you are not in the mind of God. God wants you to love him, wants you to help him, wants you to accept him completely, what will you do? You will not stand in that position, you will not have fulfilled the trust God has given you, you will not live to live, and you will not be able to achieve God's plan in your life. right? You can understand only when your mind is updated and changed, and you can take action, and you can achieve God's call to you.

Really, this scripture has always reminded me of my heart for so many years, God, where did I not align with you, where did I need to be updated by you, and where did I block it, so God had to block it Take away. Others say, can you give your children to God? I have to think about it, I have to think about it. Then why do you say that? I don't understand God's will. Right? He thought that giving away his son to God was the loss of his son. He did not expect him to give his son to God. But this son is really blessed. Amen? So begging God really renews our minds and minds, opens our eyes, and understands his mind.

Then how about achieving vision? You must stay in this vision and stick to the end until you get the reward at the end. God wants us to be rewarded, so it doesn’t matter if some people say they can’t be rewarded. I just need to be able to enter the gate of heaven. No, it's God ’s intention to be rewarded. Ming said, when we are different from God's intentions, it is rebellion. God wants us to get rewards, can you get it? We must get it, right? I said that God rewards you not to be false and humble, that is false. What is true humility? God, you say who I am and who I am, God you say that if I want to be rewarded, I will be rewarded. This is true humility. You must totally obedient to him, aren't you?

So, I know that I have rewards in front of me. I must run this road well, and I must get rewards, complete God's will, and satisfy God's mind, because when I am rewarded, he is happy! So, get rewards! Hallelujah, I think the Hebrews are great. I ’m listening to Hebrews 11:12:13 again and again this morning. It's great. I have its scriptures here. Look at Hebrews. Letter Chapter 11 Verse 33 and 34:

[Hebrews 11:33] By through faith overcame kingdoms, worked righteousness, obtained promises, stopped the mouths of lions,

[Hebrews 11:34] Quenched the power of fire, escaped the edge of the sword, were made strong in weakness, became mighty in war, routed the armies of foreigners.

When you read it, the fire will burn. The God's Word is really capable. You don't believe then you should try it. When you really read this word in the Holy Spirit, the fire of God burns you. What a powerful announcement, you are a child of God, you are not weak, you are powerful, and the word of God is Fully capable. Then you are made in the image of God, and your words are powerful. When you declare like this, you will find that you have to jump! Who are you, God has given you such great honor, such great authority, and God takes you to victory, God helps you to win, and let the people around you win with you, Amen!

Then Hebrews Chapter 12 verse 1 to 2:

[Hebrews 12: 1] Therefore, let us also, having so great a cloud of witnesses surrounding us, put away every encumbrance and the sin which so easily entangles us and run with endurance the race which is set before us,

[Hebrews 12: 2] Looking away unto Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down on the right hand of the throne of God.

Jesus is our example, and we can only win by relying on him, and we can win this battle by winning this game. Then I want to encourage no matter what state we are in, no matter what kind of situation we are, some people may be a little more mature, some people may just be new born baby, it does not matter, God can take you to run, so you see What Paul said, this does not mean that I have already got it, it is already complete, but I am striving for or can get what Christ Jesus wants to get me. right? He said, brothers, I don’t think I ’ve gotten it. I only have one thing, that is, forget how hard we are in the face of the effort behind us, go straight, and then get what God calls me from above in Christ Jesus. Reward.

Thank God. So, we are victorious, and the Spirit of God anointed us on us. This morning also God reminded me again of this scripture, which was actually written when I was preparing to preach, and then prayed today the regiment also received this scripture, which is 2 Corinthians 10: 3 to 5:

[2 Corinthians 10: 3] For though we walk in flesh, we do not war according to flesh;

[2 Corinthians 10: 4] For the weapons of our warfare are not fleshly but powerful before God for the overthrowing of strongholds

[2 Corinthians 10: 5] As we overthrow reasonings and every high thing rising up against the knowledge of God, and take captive every thought unto the obedience of Christ

It means that although we are in the flesh, we are still flesh and blood, right? We haven't separated from this body, but we don't fight by blood, this is the key to victory. Although we are in the flesh, but I do not fight by my own will, why should I? We are not fighting with blood, we are not fighting with people, we are fighting with the dark power of the spiritual world, right? How is it before God? We are capable, what is our weapon? We are here to connect with God, relying on Jesus, we connect with Him every day, every day God updates and changes our minds, and then how to align with Him.

You will find that you are capable, why? Because what you do is what he wants you to do, he will give you the ability, and then how do you have this ability? It is possible to break a solid battalion, so who will break first? You don’t even know how many strong camps you have, so the first thing to break is yourself, so we really have to take back the fingers of the accusers, stab them at ourselves, and break our strong camp first How can it be done for God. Then this verse is getting hotter and hotter, and every kind of trick is different! Is there something missing, no. All kinds of tactics, all kinds of self-exaltations that prevent people from knowing God have been overcome. I think God's words are full, and they have taken back all the hearts of people and made him obey.

If we can't do it, will God ask us this way? will not. God will not give us the difficult burdens. The reason why He asks us this is that we must be able to do it, can we do it? You can do it by God, and then in the process, we are broken by God in this wilderness, trained by God, polished by God, and finally when you come out of the wilderness by your beloved, you what does it look like? Take a look. Song of Solomon Chapter 6 Verse 4 and 10:

[Song 6: 4] You are as beautiful, my love, as Tirzah, As lovely as Jerusalem, As terrible as an army with banners.

[Song 6:10] Who is this woman who looks forth like the dawn, As beautiful as the moon, As clear as the sun, As terrible as an army with banners?

He said my good mate. Who said this? My beloved, who are as beautiful as Desa, beautiful as Jerusalem, and as mighty as an army with banners? It's us, it's you and me. We must allow God to temper us in this wilderness process, and then be brought out of Him by Him. What about? Beautiful as Desa, beautiful as Jerusalem, and as mighty as an army with flags. Well, the verse i10 is also a verse I like very much, that is, who looks out like the morning light and finds that it is as beautiful as the moon, as bright as the sun, and who is as mighty as to launch the banner army? Who is it? Be loud, US!

So I'm going to sing a song 'I lean on him all the way', I especially like to be behind, she said that looking at me is as beautiful as the moon, and directly proclaiming that it is me, if possible, put this song out, we come together God's love, with a longing for God, with a firm confidence in God, I just want to be such a person in your eyes, leaning on Him all the way. Shall we stand up together? At this time, you open your heart. I believe that the Spirit of God will touch your heart at this time, and you will allow him to do whatever he wants to do in you.

Song: "Leaning on Him All the Way"